The path of a trainer is the one of a continuous development and life-long learning.  Three years ago, we trained our first generation of EFPSA trainers, but that was just the beginning of a long-term experience. Being a trainer means permanently learning and developing your skills.

This is the reason why we have decided that, starting from next year, the Training Office will organise a new event. The Train Advanced Trainers (TAT), which will aim to ensure that EFPSA is an important agent in the development of Youth Trainers in Europe.  

We envision the participants of the EFPSA TAT to be the future of the European training community as well as being the people with strong ambitions towards a youth work career or a professional training career. They are the ones who will then help others develop and will support the organisation’s younger trainers on their path to becoming better trainers. We strongly believe that supporting their education is very important.

What would you say if it was possible to host such an amazing event with many of your friends across Europe and help them in their thrive towards a life-long learning? The result would be to see amazing trainers developing and networking.

The for this event will have the chance to:

–          Collaborate with other local student organisations in a partnership which will bring recognition at an European level to all three organisations;

–          The unforgettable experience of contributing to the development of 30 European Youth Trainers;

–          The possibility of organising and participating in an Open Training day with the trainers participating at the TAT and thus contributing to the development of local students.

The TAT is an event which will bring together 30 trainers from different organisations to receive advanced knowledge and train their skills in relation to the topic of Relationship Management in Training.  The event will be prepared in partnership with two other student organisations.

Here are some good tips regarding how to start if you are excited about this idea:

Recruit students from your Member Organisation or university who are motivated and willing to help and form your own Brainstorm ideas and plan ahead (e.g. venue, topic, sponsors, etc.)

Start searching for possible partnerships with other local student organisations that would be interested in getting involved.

Write a proposal to the Board of Management (BM) outlining your event concept and naming your experience as an organiser and send it to

The tasks of the TAT Head of Org.Com:

  • Appoints and manages the local ORG.COM
  • Responsible for finding an appropriate TAT venue
  • Responsible for ensuring fundraising for the event
  • Responsible for establishing (with the help of the Junior External Training Officer) partnerships with other local student organisations.
  • Responsible for the financial stability and financial reporting
  • Responsible for the logistics during the TAT (food, training materials, excursion, social programme, health support, support of trainers and participants concerning arrival/departure etc.).

Deadline for applying for the Head of Org.Com is 26th of March, 2013, 23.59 (CET).

If you have any questions regarding hosting such an event contact  the Vicepresident ( or the Trainer Office (

Good luck!

EFPSA’s Training Office


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