Dear fellow EFPSAns,

We, the Board of Management of EFPSA, always like to keep you informed about what is currently happening in all the “working” bodies of EFPSA – the BM, the EB and the MR Teams, so in this postcard you will find crucial information about what we have achieved since the last update.

The first news in this postcard comes from the 1st Board of Management’s face-to-face meeting since the 26th Congress in Denmark. This time we met in lovely and mystic Ireland, in the town known as Ennis, near Galway, in the house of our dear Chris (Members’ Representative Coordinator). We arrived on the 21st of August and stayed and worked hard until the 28th of August.

Our long meetings were hosted in the Rowan Tree Hostel – thanks to Chris we worked there free of charge. We usually worked from 10 am to 11 pm, but informal discussions were going till late at night. Fortunately, our morning meetings started with short, 5-mins Mindfulness sessions so our minds, spirits and hearts were prepared for all the challenges of the upcoming days.

We discussed many important EFPSA issues. For instance, we did a “reality check,” which aimed to check “the state of the system” and see how we and the rest of the teams were performing and if we were meeting the objectives which we had set a few months ago. We are happy to tell you that we believe that EFPSA is heading in the right direction. The change is coming and the future looks very promising!

We also discussed many other topics such as common selection criteria for the annual congress, grants strategy, the relationship between EFPSA-EFPA in Task Forces and Standing Committees, the EB/MR meeting, EFPSA’s new presentation, strategic planning and much, much more!

Now, we are looking forward to the joint EB/MR meeting in Switzerland at the end of October 2012. Once there, we hope to introduce you to all the decisions that we have just made in Ireland and receive your feedback. You may expect that during the next 2 months we will work as hard as we have so far. We also count on you and your input so that our EFPSA family can be like a well-designed engine which in order to function smoothly must have all of its parts working well together!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Yours Sincerely,

EFPSA’s Board of Management 2012-13:

Peter, Dalya, Dimi, Julia, Chris, Nat, William


P.S. Julia just got her position at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK.

P.S.S. In a few days we will publish the first newsletter of this mandate in which we will talk about all of the most important EFPSA events that took place in the last few months and about other important happenings.

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