During the congress, the new Board of Management and the new Executive Board were elected.    Throughout the week each team worked very hard on ensuring a good start of the mandate by attending trainings and knowledge transfers. We would like to congratulate all the elected people once again and we wish them a successful mandate.

 In this first month of the mandate, the newly elected Board of Management has started with their weekly Skype meetings on every Sunday evening. These meetings are ensuring the stable communication among the Board members and keep us all updated about the sections of the organisation on a weekly basis.

 The main task of the first month was achieved by creating the Action Plan and the Budget for the upcoming mandate. We are starting our mandate with a clear vision on our goals of the mandate. Primarily, we are striving to maintain the high standard of the organisation. We also set our objectives to enable the growth of the organization sustainably over the course of the coming mandate. The principles of our budget include being moderate, conservative and realistic.

 We are very excited for the upcoming Executive Board and Member Representatives chats, which will be held in June-July. We are also looking forward to our two EFPSA events – European Summer School to be held in July and Train the Trainers to be held in August.


Dalya, Dimitris, Julia, Chris, Nat, Peter and William

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