The ESS is a weeklong event for 36 students, six PhDs, and a group of invited speakers. Under the theme of ‘The Biased Brain: Research in Decision Making’, the summer school will take place 15th – 22nd July in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Portugal.

The focus of the ESS is psychological research. Supervised by PhD researchers, students work in groups of six on constructing the foundations of an intercultural research project.  Once you’ve left the summer school the experience continues under the Young Researcher Programme – a twelve-month framework that provides support for ESS researchers and a platform for dissemination of results. Throughout this time, students follow their research project from start to finish: from the earliest stages of design and discussion, to data collection and analysis, through to presentation and publication of findings.

Of course the social programme won’t be lacking either – a Gala night, an EFPSA cultural evening, and an excursion to the vineyards of the valley of Côa are all planned – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

So don’t hesitate – find out more, choose a research group, and fill out an application form! The deadline for applications is Friday 18th May!

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