Are you interested? If you are attracted by that idea here are some good tips how to start: 
  • First of all it is highly important to find more of people from you Member organization or from your university who are motivated to help you and brainstorm with them about possible venues, topics, sponsors, etc. 
  • The next important step is to write a short application with ideas how the event would look like (no need to go into details, just general information about your plans) and send it to until the 28th of April 2012. After that you will present your ideas in 2nd General Assembly in the congress. 
The scripts are in your hands to moderate the action. So, are you ready to give your input to the psychology students & science and organise the first EFPSA Conference? 

If you have any questions regarding hosting such an event, don’t hesitate to contact the Activities Office ( or anyone from the Board of Management. 
Good luck! 

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