Do you want to get updated on hot topics in psychology, get connected with academics and professionals, exchange ideas and opinions by attending different conferences across all Europe?

If you don’t have that much money and you are a student?  Well, we have a good news for you… How about using Travel Network of EFPSA?

Travel Network will give you free accommodation in almost every European country. Who will host you? Psychology students! That sounds impossible? You just have to try and find out, don’t you?! Go here and sign up… leave the rest to us!

Let’s enrich our CVs! Let us meet again and again! Stay tuned and follow us in this series of conferences around Europe. Our first conference is on the 3rd of October 2011 in Turkey: 11th National Congress of Counseling and Guidance, 3rd. – 5th. October, Izmir, Turkey. Here you will get more info about the conference:

Enjoy the weekend!

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