If you are interested in organizing an event that broadens the scientific perspectives and reach out to all Europe, then you should apply for joining in ESS Team 2012.
Positions to apply for: 
Senior Coordinator
Junior Coordinator (Head of Org.Com)

Junior Coordinator
ESS Team Member

(Please check the attachment to learn more about the positions and their responsibilities.)
Please reply to the questions below using a word file and send this to applications(at)efpsa.org along with your CV.
1. What is your experience with ESS and EFPSA?
2. What is your experience with organizing an event?
3. Why do you want to join the European Summer School team?
4. (Only for Junior Coordinator (Head of Org.com)) Please write a proposal for the event including the potential topic, venue, fundraising and organizing committee.
5. (Only for Team Member Applicants) Even though specialization is not required, in general would you be interested in assisting with marketing strategies (preparing posters, sending out the promotion materials…) and/or scientific recruitment (communication with lecturers, contacting participants…) and/or funding & sponsorship.
If you are interested and would like to know more about this position you can send your questions and comments to activites@efpsa.org
The deadline is till 5th  of October 2011, 23:59 (CET) for ESS Senior Coordinator
The deadline is till 10th  of October 2011, 23:59 (CET) for all other positions.

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