What would you say if it became possible to host such an amazing event together with your friends across Europe? The overall result of seeing determined and inspired people thanks to your efforts will leave enduring memories for many years!

Here are some good tips on how to start if you are inspired by this idea:

y          Recruit motivated students from your Local Organization / University who are willing to help. Brainstorm ideas and a plan (e.g. venue, sponsors etc);

y          Write a proposal to the Board of Management (BM) outlining your event concept (remember to keep it general) and send it to;

y          Once the proposal is approved by the BM, the whirlwind starts!

Therefore, be ready to give your input to psychology students and trainings as this autumn will be a unique opportunity to show the beauty of your country!

Deadline for applying for Hosting Country is 5th of July 2011 23:59 C.E.T.

If you have any questions regarding hosting such an event, don’t hesitate to contact Dalya, the Activities Officer ( ).

If you have training-related questions ask Ana and Katarina at

Good Luck!


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