Dear psychology students and EFPSA friends,  

It is time for the first Board of Management (BM) postcard of this mandate. This way, we want to be in touch with you on a monthly basis to keep you updated on what is going on in EFPSA and even wider. 

It has been almost a month, since the new BM of EFPSA has been elected during the first General Assembly at the annual 25th EFPSA congress in Poland. The Board of Management of EFPSA consists of 7 members who oversee the organisational structure, design and implementation of EFPSA. All BM were voted upon by the Member Representatives of EFPSA which saw the following psychology students assume these roles; Presidency – Vedran Lešić (Croatia), Vice President – Maaike Geurts (The Netherlands), Secretary General – Evangelia Kontogianni (Greece), Head of Finance – Annique Clopon (United Kingdom), Member Representative Coordinator – Luís Miguel Tojo (Portugal), Marketing Officer – Katarzyna Ciechanowska (Poland) and Activities Officer – Dalya Samur (Turkey). 

We were already quite busy at the congress by the recruitment process for the Executive Board for the mandate 2011/2012. The new goals for the mandate have been set: finish the process of strategical planning, establish a stronger link with externals, develop EFPSA marketing strategy,improve new channels of promotion, organise EFPSA activities through the whole year and many other valuable goals. Special effort will be put into applying for grants, where the new Task Force “Grants” is created. Croatia has been elected to be the organiser of Executive Board/Member Representatives meeting in autumn 2011, and Turkey will be the host of 27th EFPSA congress in 2013. Our dear Alumni group officially presented their proposal about how to become EFPSA alumni, which we gratefully welcome. Also, we all could witness how EFPSA is growing: a special welcome to Slovakia, Kosovo, Ireland as new members and to Sweden & Latvia as observers – it is so great to have you in EFPSA! 

After the first four weeks with our great new EFPSA teams we can definitely say it was worth the effort. Moreover, the Member Representatives had a productive start enjoying their first online meeting. Currently, we are renewing the EFPSA registration process alongside getting ready for the first round of official reports to the Board of Management. Application process for European Summer School and Train the Trainers Summer School has just finished, and we welcomed new people who will become part of EFPSA family. 

We are really positive for the start of the mandate and looking forward to work and play with all the amazing EFPSA people!

Board of Management

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