Call for EFPSA Board of Management positions for 2011-2012 mandate

The EFPSA Congress in Poland is getting closer and it is time to start looking for candidates for next mandate’s Board of Management (BM). The BM is in charge of the strategic and operational management of the EFPSA and consists of the following seven positions:
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary General
  • Head of Finance
  • Member Representatives’ Coordinator
  • Marketing Officer
  • Activities Officer
What are the concrete tasks?

You can find out more about the concrete tasks and responsibilities by reading the job descriptions.
Apart from the specific tasks of the positions, there are a lot of shared responsibilities that apply to all BM members. So please make sure you also have a look at the “BM general tasks”.
We invite you to contact the current BM in order to gain a personal insight about the positions. You can find the email addresses in the job descriptions.