Third International Parkinson’s Disease Summer School for healthcare students will be held between 10th and 20th of July 2011 at Medical University in Warsaw, Poland.

The event combines: innovation in education, inspiration in research and teamwork in healthcare with social activities. The International Parkinson’s Disease Summer School is a joint project which has been launched for the first time in 2009 by European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association, European Medical Students’ Association, European Nursing Students’ Association and European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations. European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) endorses the event.

The keynote lecture in our Summer School will be a patient. Students will work in small interdisciplinary teams to create a research project proposals.  The process is guided by peer trainers (student leaders). The process outcomes will be quality assured by experts.

Students will present their work to a  team of experts (patient/academic/industry) at the end of each day. Then the expert team will be able to take out flaws and guide the contents of the student work for the next day. Well reviewed research project proposals shall be the final outcome.
The number of participants is limited to 30, among them we are looking for 6 Psychology students!
Details you can find here:

or you can contact:
Krzysztof Nesterowicz, Pharmacy MD
Parkinson’s Disease Summer School Trainer
E-mail: krzysztof.nesterowicz (at)
Skype: krzysztof_nesterowicz
Mobile: +48601578897, Poland

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