If you had ever seen new trainers develop you know that this is a life-time experience. The participants of the EFPSA TtT are the future of the European training field. They are the ones, who in turn will help others develop, so supporting their education can be thrilling. What would you say if it became possible to host such an amazing event with many of your friends across Europe? The result to see the awed faces of new trainers and knowing they will do a great job training people within and outside of EFPSA will definitely feel amazing.

Here are some good tips how to start if you are excited by this idea:
Recruit students from your Member Organisation or university who are motivated and willing to help and form your own org.com. Brainstorm ideas and plan (e.g. venue, topic, sponsors, etc.)

Write a proposal to the Board of Management (BM) outlining your event concept and naming your experience as an organiser and send it to activities@efpsa.org.

Once your proposal has been approved by the BM, this entire whirlwind starts.

The tasks of the TtT Head of Org.Com:

  • Appoints and manages the local ORG.COM
  • Responsible for finding an appropriate TtT venue
  • Responsible for fundraising for the event
  • Responsible for the budget/financial decisions
  • Responsible for logistics during the TtT (food, training materials, excursion, social programme, health support, support of trainers & participants concerning arrival/departure and everything happening on spot).

Deadline for applying for the hosting country is 25th of January, 2011 23.59 (CET)

If you have any questions regarding hosting such an event contact Activities Office (activites@efpsa.org) or anyone from the Trainer Office (trainingoffice@efpsa.org)

Good luck!

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