Want to be a local organiser of EFPSA Day? Click here for more detailed info! Be the first generation of local organisers of this cool new event. It is easy and fun!

During the last EFPSA Congress in The Netherlands (2010) a brand new annual EFPSA event was born – EFPSA Day! This year will be the first EFPSA Day and it will take place all over Europe on the 10th of November 2010. Local organisers from different European countries will organise EFPSA Day at their University on the same day and all Psychology students can attend. The programme outline consists of a presentation about EFPSA, lectures, workshops and/or trainings and a social activity afterwards. Local organisers will choose the topic and they are free to add more to the programme, but the main aim of EFPSA Day is to promote and bring EFPSA to the attention of more European Psychology students in a fun and interactive way. We want more Psychology students to know what EFPSA is all about and get the chance to enrich their academic and social life by benefitting of all that EFPSA has to offer.

Afterwards all the Local Organizers will share their experiences and pictures of this special day with us so that we can get a good view on how EFPSA Day went in different countries all over Europe. On EFPSA Day we will all be united by a common goal, thought and spirit, in other words EFPSA, even if we are in different countries. That’s the beauty and power of it! The more of you get involved in EFPSA Day the bigger the impact it will have on the Psychology world in Europe. So join in on EFPSA Day! Put the date 10 – 11 – 10 in your agenda and spread the word!
We will keep you updated in which countries and cities EFPSA Day will take place if you want to attend the event. You can also always ask your National Organisation if EFPSA Day is taking place in you country and where.
If you have any questions please contact the EFPSA Day Team: efpsaday(at)efpsa(dot)org


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