Dear psychology students and friends

We welcome you to the first P-team (Presidential team) postcard after a long summer. EFPSA was experiencing busy times with a new JEPS issue, two amazing events, the prototype of a new website, and many new students discovering the charms of EFPSA.
If you want to know how to measure impairment in social functioning , how the Social Dominance Theory is  justified or how children’s theory of mind develops, read all about in the newest issue of the Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) which has just been published by EFPSA.

We are especially proud of the brand-new EFPSA Train the Trainers (TtT) summer school  – an event developed within only 4 months by our talented EFPSA Trainers, Daniel Rau and Dominika Szymanska, and by other training and EFPSA passionates like your P-team. The TtT brought together 20 students to experience the world of trainings and gain practical experience in a follow-up program. The most hardworking and motivated participants will get the chance to join the EFPSA Trainers Pool.

Back in July we had the amazing 4th European Summer School (ESS) in Bulgaria. It was a chance for 35 psychology students to get hands-on international research practice and explore Bulgarian culture. Under the topic of “Social Cognition” they were working intensely in international research groups supervised by PhD students.

Thinking about all those great summer happenings, we are ready to make autumn just as amazing. With the development of an EFPSA strategic plan coming up, the second half of the mandate is going to be challenging. We are now getting ready for our annual Executive Board & Member Representatives meeting, this time in Slovenia, where 70 EFPSA people will gather to bring forward our projects and take a big step in the strategic planning. Some of our candidates for the EFPSA Trainers Pool will join us as well and we are very eager to see them apply their training skills.

All the best to you,

Dorota Wisniewska & Lisa Wagner
EFPSA Presidential team

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