altDear psychology students and EFPSA friends,
Welcome to the second monthly postcard from the Presidential Team (P-Team) of EFPSA.
There are two upcoming EFPSA events this summer. First will be the European Summer School (ESS) held in Bulgaria from the 17th to the 24th July, which is an exciting jump-start for students into the field of international research. The second event will be the Train the Trainers (TtT) summer school where participants receive a high level of training in areas such as challenging your comfort zone and knowledge of how to train others.
There are futher opportunities to have your student work published in the Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) and the call for papers has just been released.

What about EFPSA internally? Last month we carried out the internal Executive Board (EB) reports with 14 intense meetings, 43 people and many, many hours. The EB is made up of approximately half of the people who are currently volunteers of EFPSA. It was a truly inspiring experience to see first achievements, enthusiasm & ‘EFPSA spirit’ in every single team!
Now we are working at the week-long Board of Management Meeting (BMM) in Switzerland on topics such as strategic planning for the mandate and further development of EFPSA’s services. The next P-Team postcard will be sent shortly after this, so be sure to update yourself on the outcomes of decisions made within EFPSA by regularly checking our website.
Dorota Wisniewska (President) & Lisa Wagner (Vice President)

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