Currently, we are renewing the EFPSA registration process alongside getting ready for the first round of official reports of the Executive Board to the Presidential team. 
All of that shows that we are on a good way to fulfilling the challenging goals we have set for this year. We are aiming at having a bigger reach providing services for more psychology students. We want to improve our existing services like Study Abroad and Travel Network to serve a larger spectrum of students and want to enhance the possibilities to take part in EFPSA Events: the new EFPSA Train the Trainers Summer School has just opened for participants’ applications. We are also working on more effective fundraising and marketing strategies of EFPSA. And we are getting closer to finalising another issue of the Journal of European Students of Psychology and the European Summer School – both are out in July!
Eleven P-Team postcards from now we want to celebrate the achievement of all these goals with you! We are happy for the start of the mandate. With the talented and motivated people we have now and with the effects of the work of former mandates, we are going to make this mandate a legendary one :). Stay tuned. 
Dorota Wisniewska & Lisa Wagner