4th Postcard from the P-Team

altHello dear EFPSA people,

We are happy to greet you with the last P-Team postcard of this mandate. Although it is close to the end of the mandate, there are quite some news we would like to share.
Most importantly, thanks to the hard work done by the Statutes task force, EFPSA now has new Statutes. They were approved by the National Representatives only a few weeks ago. By the way, you should now say ‘Member Representatives’ or MRs. Besides the renaming bit, there are other noteworthy changes in the statutes. For example, defining who is a psychology student or what kind of organizations can belong to EFPSA. In addition, the document introduces a new voting procedure. We hope that the new Statutes bring more clarity for official EFPSA matters.
New winds are blowing in other fields as well. First of all, we are excited to see Azerbaijan applying for membership and Ireland, Slovakia, and Italy applying for becoming EFPSA observer countries. That means four potential new countries in our family!