EFPSA has New Statutes

altOn 19th March 2010, the National Representatives (from now on the Member Representatives, MRs) approved the new, amended EFPSA Statutes with following results:
Votes for: 15;   Votes against: 0;   Votes abstaining: 3
The required quorum was reached.
The main changes in the statutes concern the definition of a ‘psychology student’, the acquisition rules for national, local and regional member organizations, as well as observer organizations. In addition, new rules for the voting procedures were introduced.

Call for Executive Board positions 2010/2011

altDear Psychology students,

Would you like to play an active part in EFPSA? The EFPSA Executive Board provides students with services like the “European Summer School” or the “Journal of European Psychology Students” and deals with tasks like fundraising or marketing.
The current EFPSA mandate ends at the congress in the Netherlands in less than a month. This will also be the place where the next mandate’s Executive Board is chosen. Here is your chance: apply for an Executive Board position and get involved in EFPSA!
If you are interested, you can find the call for the Executive Board Positions here. Have a look at it – it contains all the information you need: