– Thanks to the help of our webmaster, a whole bunch of issues concerning the EFPSA webpage were fixed.
– Renewal of EFPSA Statutes and Domestic Regulations prepared by the Statutes taskforce.
– New possible approaches to improve EFPSA promotion.
– Process to define a long-term strategy for EFPSA.
– Training EFPSA people at the annual congress and at the EB/NR meeting.
– Application procedures for BM and EB positions to improve transparency and clearness.
– Official EFPSA program at the congress in the Netherlands.

It was a very intense and fruitful week that inspired us to come up with many exciting ideas for EFPSA’s future. In the short free time between the meetings, we also enjoyed Warsaw’s culture, history, and social life. We are especially thankful to the people for letting us stay at their places and providing us with everything we needed.

The Board of Management

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