Now we have returned to the regular Board of Management duties, focusing on preparing the schedule and topics of the Board of Management Meeting starting on 6th February in Warsaw, Poland. Additionally, EFPSA President Priit Tinits is attending the "Nordic Psychology Students’ Meeting" in Turku, Finland where will meet more than 50 psychology students from 5 countries of the region. In the meanwhile, EFPSA Vice President Dorota Wisniewska, together with a team of other EFPSA people, is working on a very exciting proposal to introduce training projects in EFPSA. It might be compete with EFPSA European Summer School, stay tuned for more information to come!

Exciting news can also pe reported from the EFPSA promotion front: we got the opportunity to write about EFPSA in the American Psychological Association’s (APA) "International Newsletter". Be sure to check out the next issue.

Some days ago, the registration for the XXIV EFPSA Congress ‘Free your Mind’ in the Netherlands has finished. We can proudly present the results: 442 psychology students from 35 countries all over Europe have applied. For the excellent promotion, thanks to the organizing team that made the event so appealing, to the National Representatives for promoting the congress in their countries, and all the students for applying or forwarding the information to their friends!

Sending you warm EFPSA hugs,

Priit Tinits                   &        Dorota Wisniewska
EFPSA President                 EFPSA Vice President

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