…on Social Inequalities in Arcalia, Romania.

The EFPSA European Summer School (ESS) has taken place from 19th until 26th of July in the Romanian village of Arcalia. This year’s topic was “Social Inequalities”. About 30 participants from various European countries met around an old Transylvanian castle, located in breathtaking natural surroundings.
The theoretical part of the event consisted of four lectures and seminars, delivered by European specialists that addressed the issue of inequalities from different psychological approaches (e.g. from cognitive, social and organisational and cross-cultural perspective).
In the practical part, there were six research groups, aimed at developing a research project that will be carried out within the following year. The research groups are lead by PhD students or young PHDs, coming from Poland, Slovenia, the UK, Croatia and Turkey. For more detailed information on the programme please take a look at the European Summer School section on this webpage.

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