jeps2_scaled.jpgIt has been four years since the idea of the Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) came up in EFPSA, and this year, the 1st issue of JEPS is finally here! Thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of the JEPS team, you can now read high-quality and peer-reviewed articles written by skilled psychology students of Europe.
JEPS provides you an overview of what is currently happening in psychology research. In the broad variety of articles about cutting-edge research fields from ERP-studies (event-response potentials) to proposing councelling techniques, you will surely find something of your interest.
Help us spread the news about this fantastic chance for students to publish their work not only in an international, but also peer-reviewed journal! Most of all, feel encouraged to submit an article for the journal yourself!
Check to enjoy the 1st issue of JEPS and find out how you can get your article published!

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