We are looking for seven reliable, enthusiastic, self-motivated and organised individual to be the ESS supervisors. As an ESS supervisor, you must be a PhD student or have a PhD qualification in Psychology. You will be the leader of a cross-cultural research group who will apply your expertise and guide students to conduct the research and is dedicated to publish the research at the end.

Would you please kindly fill in the application (you get it here) which would assist us in selecting the right candidates for the scientific programme. We would like to highlight that being a ESS supervisor, your contribution throughout the year is required and if you are ready for this challenge, please send it back to Nathalie Lam, the senior coordinator at summerschool@efpsa.org  by 24th January, 2010 and we will announce the result by beginning of February.

You can also find some more information in the presentation that you can download here.

Best of luck and we are looking forward to receiving your application.

Best Regards,


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