Recap of the EFPSA Joint EB and NR meeting in Mondsee

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Recap of the EFPSA Joint Executive Board and National Representatives meeting in Mondsee, Austria

In the end of October (17. – 23. 10. 2007) Austrian organisation PLAST organized a joint meeting of EFPSA Executive Board and National Representatives. The meeting took place in Mondsee, a peaceful countryside near


This meeting represented the second opportunity of the mandate for National Representatives Mondsee Lake(NR) and Executive Board (EB) members to meet and work face – to – face. The meeting, held after the half of the mandate, was a chance to look back on the work done, discuss newly arisen matters, develop strategies and establish new aims for the rest of the mandate – that is till the annual EFPSA congress.

The Service coordination teams worked devotedly on EFPSA services (Research Network, Travel Network, Study Abroad and Activities Office) for them to develop more or run smoothly.

In the short overview;

Travel Network team with the constantly growing database of members – psychology students who love to travel was mainly focused on solving a creation and an upgrade of the new TN page.

Study Abroad service as well is eager to improve the webpage section by putting online all the useful materials and information about studying abroad, to save time and nerve cells of students, who are tempted to gain academic knowledge outside their countries.


Research Network has worked on the details of establishing a Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) and organizing European Summer School (ESS) on the topic of Art Psychology, that will take place in

Slovakia in July 2008. Last but not least; the Activities Office, which main aim is to enhance international student events, shared valuable “how to” knowledge among the participants, interested in organizing an exchange and worked on the congress application system.
However, the work of the Support teams, working behind the EFPSA curtain shouldn’t be overlooked.

While Web team’s main concern was to work on the congress application system together with AO, to work on the new EFPA site and to introduce Sharepoint (EFPSA internal communication system) to everybody interested. To safely store all important discussions, documents and decisions made into EFPSA long term memory, Office team was carefully taking down minutes of the meetings and sharing travel support money together with the Head of Finance.
National representatives were just as dedicate workers through out the week as well.

And since National Representatives bring EFPSA closer to their students and vice versa, the main focus of their work were issues relevant for improvement of cooperation between EFPSA and their national organisations.

National Representatives presented their organisations and discussed motivation and communication among them, since EFPSAmaniacs are spread all over Europe with the rare face – to face meeting opportunities, this also results in a specific nature of work, which mainly is done over the internet.

Of course, the opportunity of both EFPSA bodies meeting together wasn’t left aside, next to the joint meetings of EB and NR body, many of the EB teams meet with Representatives in order to give them a better insight on their work and agree on cooperation.
Although the working schedule was very intense, there was enough time for participants to bond and socialize. Apart from the leisure time, the organizers also provided us with the experience of sightseeing lovely

Salzburgand relaxing boat trip on the nearby lake.

Despite the fact that in this overview mainly working achievements are mentioned, this should not give the impression that dedication to EFPSA is all about hard work. As working for the federation is usually very, motivating, inspiring, enjoyable and fun, it is sometimes even hard to call it work, but the results are outstanding!

Combination of hard work and good time at the meeting promises a motivational boost and fruitful outcome for the rest of the mandate.  

Fundraising team was evaluating the work done and deciding on the future steps of fundraising strategy; as no vision can be transformed into reality without the money.

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