Who are we?


The European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) was established in 1987, at the first International Congress of Psychology Students in Portugal.

EFPSA represents a highly diverse network of psychology students working on a voluntary basis by and for psychology students of Europe. The Federation currently consists of 33 psychology member organisations and one observer organisation.

Currently EFPSA organises eleven annual and one biannual events across Europe. As well as this, EFPSA hosts several online resources and runs its own training service, fully-reviewed, open-access Journal and makes a positive impact on society through our social impact campaigns. Altogether EFPSA has positioned itself to provide psychology students with unique and exciting opportunities for academic, professional, and personal development. But our work is never over – stimulated by our mission, vision and values, EFPSA continues to expand its presence and visibility within student communities, refine its activities and develop an unrivalled portfolio of opportunities and membership for European psychology students.

At the heart of all EFPSA activities are four goals:

  • To serve psychology students

  • To contribute to society

  • To improve psychology

  • To link professionals, academics and students