External Training

EFPSA representatives, Leadership Summer School 2013

EFPSA representatives, Leadership Summer School 2013

What  does “external work” of EFPSA trainers mean? Our external work usually revolves around events where we can deliver with trainers from other NGOs. These events can be either organized by EFPSA or by other such organizations. One of the biggest external events that brings together the most EFPSA trainers is Leadership Summer School, where some of our trainers have coordinated teams of 16 trainers.

Also, Youth Trainers Academy, Parkinson Disease Summer School and BEST events are on our precious list of events where EFPSA trainers have delivered. Next to these, another opportunity for EFPSA trainers to meet external trainers is provided by TRAMs. TRAMs are self-organised events aimed towards trainer’s second education. The topics are all related to training and building skills that trainers need. Anyone who is a trainer can join! They are hosted in local people’s houses. The organizers have to find a space where trainings can be delivered (can be somebody’s home) and to propose a topic and create the agenda. The participants deliver the sessions to each other.

Since the beginning of the Training Office in EFPSA, the TO has had multiple collaborations with other NGOs and their respective Training Offices and delivered in external events of external NGOs like BEST, AIESEC, EMSA, AEGEE, ZeroGeneration and others.

EFPSA trainers are well-known in the European training field and wanted for their professionalism, ethics, their background in psychology and for their wish to contribute to the youth population. Moreover, Training Office has a written collaboration with TiGro Management, the training system of BEST and is in the process of building other written agreements.