About the Office


The Training Office is a relatively new part of the EFPSA internal structure. It was founded during the mandate 2010/2011 by Daniel Lukas Rau and Dominika Szymanska based on their prior training experience and collaboration with other NGOs. The need for training in EFPSA became stringent as the organization grew and developed more. The increasing number of member countries, active members, services and products made it harder and harder for people to work together towards a common goal. Trainers aimed at supporting the growing organization by providing training sessions of EFPSA’s mission and vision. In addition, trainers helped teams and individuals be more motivated and efficient in their work for the organization. Nowadays, EFPSA trainers regularly work together with active EFPSA members by ensuring the sustainable development of the organization.


The mission of the Training Office is to support the development of European psychology students, EFPSA active members and organization as a whole.


The Training Office consists of five members.

Senior Training Officer – coordinates the Training Office activities and services. Is responsible of reporting to Board of Management.

Internal Training Officer – takes care of internal training in EFPSA; monitors the Trainer Candidates on their way to the Pool and communicates with the Training Community .

Trainers Community Officer – takes care of motivation and communication amongst trainers.

External Training Officer – responsible for developing and maintaining relations to collaborating organizations and manages externally oriented events.

National Training Officer – is responsible for training at local and national levels and takes care of presenting EFPSA Trainers’ image.


The EFPSA Trainers Pool is an external training body, which is supervised by the Training Office. It consists of official EFPSA Trainers, who deliver trainings during internal EFPSA events on the request of the TO, in Member Organisations and during external events organised in cooperation with student NGO training entities.


Trainers - EBMR-3111-2


Meet the current Training Office Team:

The Team is part of the Executive Board (link to EB positions HERE). The Training Office reports to the Vice-President of EFPSA.