Training Office


Welcome to the website of EFPSA training!

“You can not teach a man anything. You can only help him learn.“ – Galileo Galilei


What is a trainer?

Trainers support people who wish to develop professionally and personally, both individually and in groups. Training is an experiential and interactive way of learning, where the trainer brings together a group of participants to discover new knowledge together.

What do EFPSA trainers do?

EFPSA trainers’ main responsibility is preparing active EFPSA members for the mandate and supporting them during it, assuring the well-functioning of EFPSA in general and providing a learning environment for active Psychology Students. EFPSA trainers deliver trainings to national and local organisations, as well as to outside organisations. For example, in EFPSA we do team-building for teams, in local universities we train on soft skills and in external organizations we participate in events and contribute with our background in psychology.


What makes EFPSA trainers different ?

EFPSA trainers are known in the training world for our background in psychology, our quality trainings and professionalism, as well as our motivation to contribute to the youth population. All EFPSA trainers are psychology students and, thus, we deliver training sessions with a wide knowledge of how individuals and groups function.



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