Why take part?

Do you want to make training part of your career? Are you seeking the best possible support for your next steps as a trainer?

If you answered yes, read below to gain further insight on what Train Advanced Trainers has to offer you.

Receive in-depth training education

Many European student organisations, offer “Train the Trainers” (TtT) events to educate young trainers. These kind of events have a recognition system to monitor their progress until they have fulfilled the requirements to be able to deliver their own training sessions. However, after completing this basic education, additional support and improvement are rarely provided. With the Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) we propose to further the process of learning and building skills for young trainers.

For trainers who already possess prior experience, Train Advanced Trainers is a unique possibility to have an effective learning experience and guidance for their future development.


Receive high quality feedback

TAT also encourages participants to deliver sessions to receive valuable feedback from other experienced trainers. Train Advanced Trainers aims to develop its participants to deliver higher-quality trainings for their own organisations and share their knowledge with other trainers in their networks.


Expand your network

Train Advanced Trainers brings trainers from different organisations and disciplines together and creates a framework for networking on European level. As participants will come from very diverse backgrounds, their mutual cooperation and exchange will be one of the most valuable outcomes of the event. During an intensive learning week, they will not only acquire new skills, but also share experiences, knowledge and resources and build a basis for future projects. Through its follow-up and outcomes, the event creates the necessary structure for the participants to bring the development that happens during the TAT to their organisations and local communities.

All TAT participants will enter a community of advanced trainers ‘the hive’ after graduation of the event. The hive aims to connect all TAT alumni in a network of experienced trainers across Europe.