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Friend of TAT
We now also offer the possibility to become a friend of TAT by making a small donation to EFPSA TAT. Do you carry a warm heart for this wonderful event and are you interested in helping out making sure it keeps on existing?
You can make a donation to TAT in the following bank account, under the comment “TAT donation”:

Receiver: European Federation of Psychology Student’s Associations
Name of the bank: Belfius Bank
Address: Bondgenotenlaan 103, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
IBAN number: BE30068899072011


You will then receive a small surprise of gratitude! You can also opt to make your donation automatic yearly, which will be rewarded with a yearly small surprise of gratitude :-). Additionally, if you donate €15 or more, your name will appear above on our webpage…how cool is that?
You will find more information about this soon on our website. For more information about the benefits and how to become a friend you can already contact the EFPSA Training Office at

Additional benefits of becoming friend of TAT for Hive members
Have you participated in earlier editions of TAT and while you are unable to attend, you would love to see it happening yearly? For Hive members we’ve created some special offers on donations. See below what you will receive in exchange for your donation:

  • Donations from €15:  You can expect a small surprise of gratitude and your name on our webpage as a “friend of TAT”
  • Donations from €30: + You will receive a digital copy of the TAT Handbook, where all the content of the event is collected.
  • Donations from €40: + You will have a say in next TAT theme
  • Donations from €100: +You can request a free online or offline training (depending if in you country we have trainers available for you: you can ask us about that!).

To donate as a Hive member, transfer the amount you feel TAT deserves to the above account under the comment “Hive TAT Donation”.