Trainers & Organising Committee

Organising Committee

Vicky (Coordinator): Just like the rest of the team, I am a psychology enthusiast! I am also passionate about human and animal rights, science and space exploration, and literature. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and hope to make this experience enjoyable as well as educational!






Michalis (Finance): I am Michalis and I am from Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. I am a student in the fourth year of psychology at the University of Cyprus. I have been studying in Athens for a while in a music academy, and today I am working in a family business (clothes shop). My interests are cinema, music, good food, exploring foreign kitchens and tastes, reading articles and books on psychology, and generally dealing with everything that can be a challenge and a passion for me.





Niki (Social, Administration, Marketing): Hello, I’m Niki. I’m currently studying psychology at the university of Cyprus. I’m always fascinated by neuropsychology and Star Wars! I’m excited and looking forward to this event. I’m sure we’ll all have a great time.








Astrid van der Gun – Trainers’  Coordinator and Trainer

Astrid is a social and clinical psychologist from the Netherlands, who is currently combining her work as a Mental Health First Aid trainer with her work as a psychologist for people with severe psychiatric disorders. Apart from that, she has been an EFPSA trainer for many years and remains active in the international NGO field as a trainer. She is this year’s TAT Trainers’ Coordinator.

In her trainings, she encourages and challenges participants to discover, experience, be critical and open up. As a trainer, she loves research and is a fan of active listening, facilitation and critical thinking. Apart from training and psychology, she loves hiking, drawing, cooking for friends and discovering other cultures.

For TAT she is looking forward to digging into research related to the influence of emotions on learning, to listening to and participating in inspired discussions and to connecting with and learning from other trainers.




Ramón Martínez – Trainer
Information will appear soon.




Flavius Ivan – Trainer
Flavius is a electromechanical engineer living in Brussels, who works as a technical consultant at day, and studies for a master’s in management at night. He became an NGO trainer with BEST, and during his years in the organization delivered on soft skills related topics throughout Europe. His favorite training events are those that last long enough to allow group dynamics to emerge, and particularly train the trainer events. Nowadays he delivers more for his company, where he strives to help consultants handle their priorities and make better use of their time.

His favorite training topics are those where he can sneak in some deeper lessons from life. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and encourages his participants to always stay open, look for new information, and when they can dive head first in introspection to find their own answers. In his free time, he likes to imagine what he could do if he had any free time.

In this TAT, he sees an opportunity to foster personal development through the reach of every trainer attending the event, by together leveraging the power of emotions.





Ioanna-Nolia Lefa – Trainer
Ioanna-Nolia believes that relationships are the cornerstone of the human experience. That is why she is working as a trainer and a coach with the aim of supporting people in creating the relationships they dream of in the home, in the workplace and in their social life.

With her background in psychology as a theoretical guide, she works on the topics of communication, emotional intelligence, conflict transformation, Non-Violent Communication and Train the Trainers. Her latest project is focused on providing non-formal education to teachers all across Europe through training courses on transforming conflicts into learning. Her methods include body movement, context learning, games, space for reflection and a high focus on practicing the desired behavior, all with the goal that the participants find their own way of integrating their learnings in their lives.

In this TAT she is looking forward to inspired discussions and insights on the topics of emotions and empathy, doing morning yoga and maybe a (board) game night! She is hoping we all together can create an open atmosphere of learning and development so we can offer more quality to our participants.





Zane Zondaka – Trainer
Zane at the moment is pursuing PhD in Science and Technology and developing materials for soft robotics. She has worked in different science fields since her bachelors’ years. Science aside, for 8 years now Zane aslo has been passionate about developing and training her fellows in Board of European Students of Technology and other NGOs.

Her favorite topics nowadays mostly include Train the Trainer theme. In the learning environment she likes to facilitate and unlock the knowledge residing in the room, provide hands – on activities and feedback. She likes to experiment with delivery methodology and emphasizes recalling of knowledge learned. She loves lifelong learning and acquiring information via courses, e-learning, articles and seminars. Zane loves physical activity, from yoga and rock-climbing to weightlifting.

In this TAT she seeks to challenge herself and participants, enrich the understanding and use of emotions to provide better learning environments and learn from fellow trainers.




Daniel Memarpour – Trainer
Danny is a Medical Student from Madrid, although this year he is taking a year off to travel the world and deliver training workshops. He is currently a trainer in IFMSA and AEGEE and is Capacity Building Regional Assistant in the former for the term 2017-2018.

In his workshops Danny likes to open the floor to challenge preconceptions and bring a little drama and passion so no workshop is ever the same, and none will leave you indifferent. He loves to use humor and theatre and will always find a way to spin things to unexpected ends.

In this TAT he looks for the chance to work with trainers of various organisations and backgrounds to help materialise something special.