Topic and Aims

This year the topic of TAT is: “The Power of Empathy ~Dealing with Emotions in Training”.

Impactful trainings require engagement by participants. In engagement emotional processes are inevitably involved. As a trainer you can learn how to create an aesthetically perfect training, but the impact of that training is also determined by emotional processes in both trainers and participants. Emotions impact learning. Thus, knowing in what ways emotions influence learning and knowing how to deal with and use emotions as a trainer, can positively influence participants’ learning outcomes. Trainers who use empathy and emotions appropriately support the developmental process of participants.

As trainers, we are expected to react in proper ways to different emotional and interactional processes. However, the skills surrounding emotions have not received much attention in advanced trainers’ education. During TAT 2018 we will synthesise the latest research findings, expert opinions and input from experienced trainers into an actionable and evidence-based framework around some of the following questions:


  • How do emotions affect learning?
  • How can we deal with emotions and use it to aid participants’ learning?
  • What role can empathy play in training?
  • What role to take as a trainer in the group dynamics?
  • Which methods can we use to reach our goals in reflection groups, coaching sessions and personal development sessions?
  • What are the best practices for creating a safe learning space?
  • And many more…!