About TAT

EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers aims to professionally develop European youth trainers. The core of the eight day event is the acquirement of advanced knowledge on a specifically selected content theme as well as networking between young, experienced trainers from different non-governmental organisations. The event is a call for a selection of talented trainers who want to take their personal competences and their profession to a higher level – giving an opportunity to exchange experiences and collaborate on designing evidence-based practices.

TAT hard facts

Participants: 24 experienced trainers
Participation Requirements: Basic trainers’ education (Train the Trainers), Training experience (a minimum of 30 delivery hours), high motivation to participate, willingness to contribute to the event and opportunity to implement the learning outcomes.
Trainers: 6 expert trainers
Duration: 8 Days
Costs: Depending on the edition and host country



  1. Aid European Youth Trainers in their goal for continuous development by providing second level education on a selected topic.
  2. Build a strong network of experienced trainers across Europe.