The EFPSA Member Representatives

EFPSA Member Representatives (MRs) are individuals who represent each of the Member Organisations within EFPSA. Although they are chosen by their own organisation, all MRs hold an official position within the federation. Many Member Organisations also have a Vice-MR – who supports and contributes to the work of their MR.  Collectively, the MRs constitute the legislative body of EFPSA who hold voting rights exercised during General Assemblies (which are held at the annual Congress, the annual Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives’ Meeting and at various points throughout the year via e-voting).  Votes are held on important proposals including new projects and initiatives of EFPSA, changes to the structure of EFPSA, electing the Board of Management and approving the nominations of the Executive Board applicants.


Member Representatives gather during the early days of their mandate (2016/17) at the annual Congress May 2016, Portugal.


Alongside these duties, the MRs perform an essential promotional role for the federation – channelling information and news from EFPSA to psychology students in their own countries and regions, as well as promoting opportunities which arise in EFPSA, such as calls for applications to events and opportunities for hosting EFPSA events. Also central to their roles, MRs represent their Member Organisation and discuss all aspects of this duty, exchange ideas and knowledge on organisational matters and work on common international projects and exchanges.


In their role, MRs develop a mixture of experiences and skills including communication, critical thinking, promotional management and public speaking. Moreover, the MRs work on the exchange of knowledge and experiences of the working practices within their own organisations to aid further development in their structures and facilitate events and contact with students within their countries and regions.

Regular meetings

The MRs meet at least once a month for an virtual meeting to review developments within on-going projects and present outcomes of their work to each other. They also meet with the Executive Board at the beginning and end of their mandate at the annual Congresses and mid-way through their mandate at the Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting – an event typically hosted in October.

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