Do you love travelling?

Well, let’s be honest, who doesn’t? How cool is it to go to another place, make friends, create memories, and be hosted at a welcoming home for free? And how fun is it to make new friends across Europe by hosting them at your place for a day or a few?

EFPSA Travel Network offers you this amazing opportunity, in 5 simple steps!

  1. Open Facebook

First of all, make sure you have a look at our dedicated Facebook group right here: EFPSA Travel Network. The aim of this group is to facilitate travelling for psychology students and alumni all around Europe!


  1. Become a member

When you request to become a member of the group, we will send you a message, kindly asking you to fill in a short survey. (Please check “Other Inbox” as well). This will give us the opportunity to screen people in this group and to see if we’re all European psychology students and alumni, and that our private information is not being shared with others. After you fill in the form and if you meet the criteria, we’ll accept you as a member.


  1. Find a host

When you wish to be hosted in a certain city, simply click on “Photos”, then “Albums”, then “Host Cities”. This album showcases the various cities in which psychology students from this Travel Network can be hosted by other psychology students. The album will be updated from time to time according to our database.


  1. Contact the host

In the photos of the cities, certain people are tagged. Those are the hosts. To get in touch with them, all you have to do is formulate a request, and post it as a comment on the photo of the city. After you got a reply from the host and that initial contact is made, you and that person can switch to messenger and have a conversation about what kind of place you offer, what is your availability and what are your expectations. It’s between you and your potential host after that point.


  1. Have fun and share your experience

We can’t wait to hear stories from you guys staying at each other’s places and having an amazing time! We invite you to share your awesome photos and stories about the places you stay in our facebook group!