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We’re powered by Podio – online project management software to easily manage teams, projects and much more in one central place. Work the way you want to with the unique ability to create your own apps, see more



Genotech (now part of provides EFPSA people with a SharePoint installation that supports our internal document exchange and collaboration, see more



Cloud Solutions specializes in the implementation of complex online surveys and evaluations and supports EFPSA with multiple means, see more



Noldus develops, markets, and supports software and observation labs for behavioral research. Our products are ideal to study parent-child interaction or behavior in classrooms: The Observer® XT and FaceReader™. Our turn-key labs come complete with eye trackers and data acquisition systems. In addition, we offer consulting and rental services, technical support, and training courses. see their website



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Housing Anywhere is a housing platform where people can rent out rooms to international students. For information, click here.





Eurosender is a recognized and popular online booking platform for  shipping various items  from one EU country to another and domestically. With Eurosender, ordering shipping is simple, reliable and affordable. By using excellent parcel shipping or freight transport services booked through Eurosender you can ship your goods economically, efficiently and completely carefree. You only book on our website in 3 easy steps and Eurosender takes care of the rest!

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