Position Paper

We are very pleased to present the Social Impact Initiative Position Paper entitled ‘Combating the Stigma of Mental Disorders’. The Social Impact Initiative team released a public statement in 2013, in the first version of this Position Paper. This has recently been revised in order present the campaign in more details and by doing so, provide the readers with more information on the project. The position paper provides a brief introduction to the stigma of mental disorders, discusses the presence and effects of stigma across multiple levels of society, and considers several ways in which we may challenge and reduce stigma and prejudice towards mental disorders. We have included a variety of links and useful resources throughout the paper which we hope you find useful. The paper concludes with a statement outlining our perspective, beliefs and position regarding the topic of combating the stigma of mental disorders.

We hope that you find the time to read our position paper; should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact the Social Impact Initiative team using the details provided at the top of the paper