Organised Acts of Kindness

Organised Acts of Kindness (OAK) is a new campaign from the Social Impact Initiative that takes a step further toward the positive influence on European society through use of psychological methods. The campaign aims to bring people together while enhancing their wellbeing by encouraging individuals to take part in random acts of kindness. The campaign held the pilot version of the campaign via Facebook group which ultimately turned out quite successful and the team is working hard on developing the campaign to further its reach.

If you want to find out more about the campaign, we encourage you to read the position paper entitled Organised Acts of Kindness – OAK Campaign. The paper provides a brief introduction to the project and the reasoning behind it, talks about importance of well-being on everyday life and considers ways to improve it, then presents the concept of random acts of kindness and the way they work and lastly, outlines the OAK campaign and discusses the plans for implementing the project.

During the Joint EB&MR Meeting 2016 that took place in Croatia, the Social Impact Initiative team presented the idea of the OAK box as a new step in the OAK journey. OAK box is envisioned as a box of joy which will be specifically designed for its receiver. It should contain inexpensive objects which will boost the mood of the receiver and encourage them to do the same for someone they care about. Detailed instructions on how to design the box can be found here. If you have already received it, do no’t forget to share it on social media with #OAKbox !