A Brief History of the Social Impact Initiative

Officially, the Social Impact Initiative was launched at the 27th annual EFPSA Congress, hosted in April 2013 (Izmir, Turkey), when the General Assembly of the Congress approved the introduction of the Social Impact Task Force.

During the Joint Executive Board and Member Representatives meeting in 2013, a workshop was organised during which possible topics of Social Impact were brainstormed and discussed. It was eventually decided that the work would revolve around tackling the problem of stigma towards mental disorders. The Task Force members conducted detailed research on the topic and reviewed the literature, which led to the composition and publishing of a Position Paper. One year later, the Task Force developed into a team within EFPSA, led by the Senior Coordinator. After having decided that a campaign would be the best way to make a positive influence on society, the “Mind the Mind – To Combat the Stigma Of Mental Disorders” campaign was created.

At the same time as the team conducted research for the campaign, the Task Force was working on the support for the “Open Access Movement” and “Right to Research Coalition (R2RC)”, in order to raise awareness of Open Access.

During the Joint Executive Board and Member Representatives Meeting in 2015, the team started brainstorming ideas for a new project. The idea way to cover another field of psychology other than clinical and research work. The “Organised Acts of Kindness” is oriented on encouraging people to do good deeds on a daily basis which would ultimately leave a positive impact on them and society.

The summer of 2016 the team collaborated with EFPSA’s Training Office on applying for a European Youth Foundation grant on the topic of empowering youths towards building a more inclusive society. During this time, a new campaign was started, entitled “Better Together” whose main focus is to educate secondary-level students on topics of discrimination and encourage them to help build an inclusive society.