Call for Trainers for EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers 2018



# Event: EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers 2018: The Power of Empathy
# Time & place: 24.03.2018 – 01.04.2018 in Oroklini, Cyprus
# Dates for trainers: 21.03.2018 – 02.04.2018
# Application: Submit your application until 20.12.2017, 23:59 CET

Dear Trainers,

The European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) proudly presents the Call for the Trainers’ Team for the fifth edition of the Train Advanced Trainers (TAT). TAT 2018 will take place from 24.03.2018 to 01.04.2018 on the beautiful island of Cyprus following the theme ‘The Power of Empathy – Dealing with Emotions in Training’. We are now looking for 4-5 experienced trainers who are ready to create an outstanding learning experience for 24 participating advanced trainers.

Hard facts:

  • Trainers team: 4 experienced trainers and 1 trainers’ coordinator
  • Dates for trainers: 21.03.2018 – 02.04.2018
  • Dates for participants: 24.03.2018 – 01.04.2018
  • Accommodation & catering will be provided for the duration of the event.
  • Travel reimbursement: we aim for a total of €500 travel reimbursement to be divided over trainers, but more clarity on this will follow
  • Participants: 24 advanced trainers from any European Youth Organisation

Detailed information and the Call for trainers can be found here. For any clarifications and suggestions on this call or the content of the event, do not hesitate to contact the TAT Trainers’ Coordinator, Astrid van der Gun, on For any clarifications and suggestions on organisational and logistical matters, contact the EFPSA Training Expansion Responsible, Valentina Bezzina, on

We are looking forward to get to know you and your vision of TAT 2018 and wish you the best of luck with your application.

EFPSA Junior Researcher Programme Conference 2017 – Experience Story



The EFPSA Junior Researcher Conference 2017 took place between 1st and 4th August 2017, on the campus of the Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. The Conference has been taking place annually since 2012 and is hosted by the European Federation of Psychology Students‘ Associations (EFPSA)


The Conference included multiple goals.

Firstly, the Conference marks the end of the year-long EFPSA Junior Researcher Programme. The Junior Researcher Programme is a project founded by EFPSA to give students the opportunity to start their own research projects. It begins with the EFPSA European Summer School in which around 35 students from across Europe start to work out their own research study in small groups, under the guidance of a Supervisor. The groups then move on to the Junior Researcher Programme to work on their researches for 12 months. At the end of the year the students present the findings of their projects at the Junior Researcher Programme Conference. The groups of this year’s JRP presented research on various topics under the theme of Cognition and Behaviour.

Secondly, for this year’s Conference, psychology students from across Europe had the opportunity to attend the Conference and were free to present their own research – Bachelor and Master Theses were very welcome too.

Furthermore, in addition to the student presentations there was room for presentations from local researchers. This year, researchers from the universities of Dublin and Limerick presented some of their research.

The Conference itself also had a general theme that the scientific programme revolves around.

This year’s theme was “Education and Development“. Talks about social initiatives in Ireland, such as social facilities for individuals with autism were also part of the programme. There were also discussions regarding the inclusion of environmental variables into psychological research and the inclusion of qualitative data into quantitative research.

The Academic Programme Manager of Microsoft Ireland, Stephen Howell, presented his motion controlled open source software with which psychological experiments and motion based games for physical exercises have been programmed in the past. Lastly, there were a number of workshops on different topics – from systematic literature reviews to music therapy and experimental learning.

In addition to a rich scientific programme, EFPSA Events are always lively as a result of the active community that is built through the numerous social events that take place. There is a great emphasis on getting to know students from other European countries and to experience the local culture. Therefore, there was also a great social programme in Dublin with board-game nights, a cultural evening (in which all attendees bring specialities from their countries), an excursion day to the Irish coast and of course a gala night on the last evening.

The Junior Researcher Conference provides great opportunities for participants to experience their first scientific Conference and present their own research, while getting to know psychology students from across Europe and to talk about how psychology is practiced in other countries as well.


Patrick Smela is a student from the University of Vienna since 2014. Besides studying he is currently working as an assistant at the Department of Psychological Basic Research and Research Methods. He also has a history with EFPSA being the former Member Representative of Austria for the 2016/17 term. He participated in the EFPSA European Summer School in 2017 and is looking to present the results with his group at the EFPSA JRP Conference 2018.

Seventh Postcard from the Board of Management


Seven months of hard work belong already in the past while having one thing on our mind; what you do today, can improve all of your tomorrows! It has been a month packed with work, starting softly in the beginning due to the fact that the Working Community was still recharging their batteries from the Joint EB&MR Meeting in Belgium in late October, but going strong with continuous developments! Let’s see what our Working Community has been up to below.


Board of Management

Vice President, Nicola Falzon and Member Representatives Officer, Erika Kajátiová attended the 3rd EFPSA Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina between the 16th and 19th of November, while the President, Clara Chetcuti, attended the European Federation of Psychogists’ Associations (EFPA) Presidential Council Meeting (PCM) in Prague, Czech Republic on the 24th of November. Both events were very fruitful and the Board of Management members had the opportunity to network as well as introduce new people to the Federation. We would like to thank EFPA for the invitation on the latter. Furthermore, actions are being taken to ensure that the upcoming e-voting will go as smooth as possible!

Services & Offices

Junior Researcher Programme

The six Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) Research Groups are making good progress in their research projects, while the Organising Committee for the JRP Conference 2018 in Greece started their work. Additionally, the preparations for the ESS 2018 in the Netherlands are also in process. The JRP team is excited to keep up the dynamic work with the different teams.

Study & Travel Abroad

Within Study & Travel Abroad (STA), the Internships Team has been working hard on providing a new internship opportunity for our members. More information about the upcoming Call will be announced soon! The team has also been collecting internship experience stories which will be published on the STA  blog, and have been in contact with our Member Representatives to obtain information on various internship opportunities. The Exchanges Responsible is currently assisting the Croatian Member Representative in anticipation of  part 2 of the Malta – Croatia exchange, which will be hosted in Zagreb, between the 9th and 15th December following the theme of: ‘An Individual in the changing world’.

Training Office

The Training Office (TO) is enjoying working with the new team member – External Training Responsible – Andrea Martinez. Currently Andrea is working on creating the contact database of external NGOs in order to establish functioning and maintaining collaboration. The TO is preparing the amazing Train Advanced Trainers, taking place in Cyprus at the end of March. Great news – we already have the Trainers Team Coordinator – our previous TO Coordinator Astrid van der Gun. The topic of this edition is The Power of Empathy.  Our focus is not only on the external world, we are also taking really good care about our mentors for TtT graduates. We had a marvelous Skype meeting, where all mentors got the chance to share their experience. Currently we are working on creating a manual for the mentors to have an inspiration how to guide their mentees even more effectively. The TO is also collaborating with the Finance Office, Social Impact Initiative and Study and Travel Abroad. Stay tuned for more updates.

Social Impact Initiative

The Social Impact Initiative (SII) is extremely proud of this year’s Mind the Mind Campaign, proving to be the biggest one yet. They are currently mentoring countries’ Local Coordinators and helping them organize the trainings for the volunteers for both the Mind the Mind and the Better Together Campaign.  Follow our media for exciting new projects such as an upcoming blog!

Journal of European Psychology Students

This month was an active one for the JEPS bulletin, including a new interview  about the bad practices that are seen as a path to success in academia for researchers from a perspective of Corina Logan who gave an interview to the JEPS former Editor in Chief Katharina Brecht. Moreover, Fabian Dablander, (JEPS Junior Coordinator) has been in touch with Randy McCarthy and Christopher Chartier, the founders of two large scale collaboration platforms about their projects and how can psychology benefit from such efforts, which can be found here. Finally, Lea Jakob (JEPS Coordinator) and Fabian Dablander (JEPS Junior Coordinator) attended OpenCon and gave a Lightning Talk which can be viewed  here.

External Relations Office

Continuing to strengthen our collaboration with European health student associations, the External Relations Office is currently working on signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Dental Students’ Association (EDSA). Our External Relations Coordinator will also be attending the JADE meeting at the beginning of December.

Marketing Office

The Marketing Office prepared and sent the EFPSA Day Kit to Local Organisers of EFPSA Day which included some novelties, such us EFPSA Day Giveaways. Content Manager is working on editing EFPSA Day Balloon video, while photographer edited all photos from the Joint EB&MR Meeting and team photos for the website. Social Media Responsible was promoting EFPSA Conference in Sarajevo on Instagram and Marketing Team Members are designing promotional materials for the Working Community.

Members Office & Member Representatives

Members Office has been busy staying in touch with our Observer Organisation from Montenegro, so it is ready to apply for a second stage Membership, while contacting other possible Observers. Members Representatives are currently placing their votes during the last e-voting of this year, that closes on 5th December.

Finance Office

The Grants team has finished the EYF grant application and we are now waiting for the final results. At the same time we are preparing the application for an operating grant for the year 2018. The Partnerships team is finishing the partnership portfolio with Marketing Office and we are also trying to make new partnership deals from which the latest would be the collaboration with Flixbus.

Events Office

The team has been really engaged with the current Organising Committees (Org.Com), further progressing their work on each individual project. Moreover, internal documentation has been in the Office’s agenda for while and all this while they are finalising the nominations for Coordinators for upcoming Org.Coms! Moreover, the 3rd EFPSA Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina has come to a successful end, thanks to the wonderful work of the Org.Com, as well as the enthusiasm of the participants.


The call for Organising Committee for Train the Trainers Summer School 2018 is still open and we are seeking for any interested people who are will to take on this unique project! Contact us for more information or if you are interested.

Let us not forget that EFPSA Day, that we are eagerly waiting for each year, is fast approaching again so make sure to stay tuned to our Official pages and your local ones to learn about the when and where!


We hope you enjoyed reading our updates for the month of November and we look forward to sharing our developments with you next month.

Clara, Nicola, Mónica, Luc, Tea, Erika & Andreas
Board of Management 2017-2018

Sixth Postcard from the Board of Management 2017-2018


There is no such thing as hibernation for EFPSA – the month of October has been full of hard work and preparations for many projects in the coming winter months! The Working Community was reunited in Maaseik, Belgium for the Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting between 15th – 21st October. The week was very productive and enriching – sending everyone home exhausted, yet happy and overwhelmed with good feelings! We would like thank all the participants for their contribution, the Teams that delivered various workshops, the Training Office and Trainers for delivering various trainings and the Organising Committee without whom this Event would not have been possible!

Board of Management
We are beyond pleased to introduce a new member within the Board of Management – Tea Jermanis was elected as the Marketing Officer for the remainder of the mandate!  We are very happy to have her on board and we look forward to the next 6 months! As for this month, we are currently busy with post-Event tasks, such as preparation of the upcoming e-voting and management of other ongoing projects, as well as new ones.

Services & Offices

Journal of European Psychology Students
The Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) have been working on the manuscripts that are currently in review, as well as further developing the JEPS Bulletin. They are excited to have launched the JEPS Ambassadors project following a successful introduction given to the Working Community – stay tuned for more updates and follow their media to get involved.

Junior Researcher Programme
The Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) Research Groups are developing their work and are making good progress. The Team is happy to welcome Eleni Dimitriou as Junior Researcher Programme Conference 2018 Coordinator and are looking forward to cooperating with her and her team in development of the Conference.

Study & Travel Abroad
Following a successful Call, with 18 applications for interns at Person Centre in the Czech Republic, Study & Travel Abroad (STA) are very excited about an upcoming third Call and are collecting experience stories from interns at Willingness Malta, The Exchanges Team have been working on the development of materials and documents for exchanges and have been meeting various Member Organisations interested in developing EFPSA Exchanges. The Travel Network are developing new partners, while Study Abroad are updating the Masters map and developing PhD Programmes map. The team have also been working on their blog – look out for some very exciting and interesting content coming soon!

Training Office
The Training Office took the Joint EB&MR Meeting head on, preparing and developing the Training Programme for the week together the the Trainers who delivered during the Event. The Team is currently looking towards the future, making progressive adaptations and projects with the aim of continuing to increase and expand the EFPSA Training Community as well as the quality of Training across Europe.

Social Impact Initiative
The Social Impact Initiative (SII) have been working on the fourth wave of the Mind the Mind Campaign and are happy to announce that five new countries are now on board. They are also working on the developments on their blog.

External Relations Office
The External Relations Office is currently buzzing with great news – we are pleased to announce that EFPSA has just been elected as part of the management team of the the Informal Forum for International Student Organisations (IFISO) as elected during the Autumn Meeting where our External Relations Coordinator is currently representing EFPSA in Belgrade, Serbia. Meanwhile, the Policy Team is researching new policy and position papers and collecting psychology students’ knowledge and opinions on Suicide Prevention & Refugees & Migrants.

EFPSA Office
Apart from the usual maintenance work, the EFPSA Office is excited with the upcoming projects such as a registration platform for the Congress, a new website and an online platform where psychology students will be able to share calls for different psychology related projects, conferences, congresses and volunteering opportunities at both national and international level.

Finance Office
The Grants Team has been working on EYF 2018 grant, for which we have also applied for in the beginning of October. While also finalising the report for activities that were included in recent EYF grant. A member of the Operating Grant Management Task Force attended a meeting in Brussels, where she gained important information regarding this EACEA grant. The Partnerships Team was working on further structuring the EFPSA’s portfolio and reaching out to several companies for potential partnerships.

Marketing Office
The Marketing Office is working hard on preparing everything for EFPSA Day, as well as working on the project “Humans of EFPSA” and the new EFPSA promotional video. An updated CVI Brandbook is also being finalised. Besides that, the Marketing Office is working on editing all the photos from the Joint EB&MR Meeting and designing different materials for the EFPSA Working Community.

Members Office & Member Representatives
The Members Office and Member Representatives have been working on a lot of projects, including collecting photos of Boards of Member Organisations. At the Joint EB&MR Meeting, Member Representatives have voted on multiple proposals and have been attending several workshops and working sessions.

Events Office
Gazing back to the past month, we can note that is was a productive one for the Events Office. The team has been spending time with newly recruited Organising Committees (Org.Coms), including the Congress 2019 Org.Com, Train Advanced trainers (TAT) 2018 Org.Com and very soon, the Org.Com of the European Summer School (ESS) 2018 which is going to be held in the Netherlands next July! Upon working closely with the Training Office of EFPSA, TAT 2018 Org.Com is making rapid progress on the logistics of the project, working hard towards their goal of hosting trainers in wonderful Cyprus. Last but not least, every person within the Evens Office is focusing on the review of internal documents in order to make their work and the Org.Coms easier and more transparent.

Attention all trainers! We looking for the Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) 2018 Trainers’ Team Coordinator for the fifth edition of the Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) which will take place in Cyprus. The deadline for applications is 9th November 23:59 (CET) and more information can be found here.

EFPSA is also looking for the Joint EB&MR Meeting 2018 Coordinator! This is the perfect opportunity to work with psychology students from your country/region and gain experience in organising and hosting an exciting EFPSA Event! More details can be found here and the deadline for applications is 10th November 23:59 (CET).

We hope that you enjoyed catching up with the developments of EFPSA! Looking forward to sharing more updates with you at the end of November!

The Call for the Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting 2018 Coordinator has been extended!


EFPSA is looking for the next Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting 2018 Coordinator!

The Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting marks the halfway point through the EFPSA mandate, bringing together the EFPSA Working Community for a week-long face to face meeting. The meeting provides the perfect opportunity for EFPSA to evaluate the first half of the mandate, prepare for the second half, refuel motivation and work together on developing EFPSA further.

This internal meeting would not be possible without the Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting 2018 Coordinator and the Organising Committee! This is the perfect opportunity to work with psychology students from your country/region and gain experience in organising and hosting an exciting EFPSA Event!

Should you be interested in this highly rewarding opportunity, we advise you to contact your Member Organisation and express your interest, and contact the EFPSA Events Officer, on, as soon as possible. For more information, please check out the following Role Description and the General Prerequisites Document.

You can find the application form here. Please fill it out and send it to Mónica Duarte, Secretary General on, by Friday 10th November 2017, 23:59 (CET).

Call for EFPSA’s Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) Trainers’ Team Coordinator


Attention all trainers!

We are happy to announce that the fifth edition of EFPSA’s Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) will take place in Cyprus. This year trainers from all over Europe will meet in Cyprus to be trained to train. Before that… we are looking for a TAT Trainers’ Team Coordinator – a person who will lead the trainers during this wonderful event!

What is TAT?

The EFPSA Train Advanced Trainers is a 8-day Event that gives a chance to European trainers from various NGOs who focus on youth work, to develop and practice new training techniques using a comprehensive toolkit in a low risk environment.

The general aim of the TAT is to aid youth trainers in their goal for continuous development by providing second level education. This year the topic is: “The Power of Empathy”.

This is a fantastic opportunity for youth trainers, along with professionals, to deepen their knowledge, provide motivational, memorable and dynamic courses and receive feedback from other professionals in the field of training. Its high standards provide a safe space to practice, learn and get inspired. During TAT the participants will have contact with experienced trainers from all over Europe, they will get access to the newest training theories and techniques, and will work on their identity as professional trainers.

Where? Cyprus
When?  End of March 2018*
Topic: The Power of Empathy

Responsibilities of the Training Coordinator

  • Select the Trainers Team, together with the EFPSA Training Office (TO) and ensure good communication within the team.
  • Decide upon a  marketing strategy for the Event, together with the  EFPSA TO and the Organising Committee (Org.Com)
  • Ensure good communication with the Org.Com and collaborate on fundraising and grants.
  • Search for potential professional trainers to invite as guests to the Event.
  • With the help of the Training Expansion Responsible, contact other NGOs Training Offices and search for other organisations interested in partnerships.
  • Select participants together with the Trainers Team.
  • Communicate with the EFPSA TO, partner organisations  and other bodies involved in the development of the event.
  • Decide on the content and manage the agenda and schedule of the Event.
  • Support the Trainers Team.
  • Following up on the event after it is completed. 

Selection criteria:


  • High availability, specifically during the Event, three days before the Event, and two days to work on the follow-up of the Event
  • High levels of Motivation
  • Proficiency in English


  • Experience as a trainer on the international level
  • Experience with coordinating teams
  • Experience with online work
  • Relevant experience and knowledge on the topic of the Event

How to apply?

Send us your CV, Training Portfolio and Motivation Letter by the 9th November 23:59 CET to and

For more questions do not hesitate to contact us.

* The exact dates are still to be confirmed


Call for EFPSA Day 2017 Local Organisers!


The month of December marks an important day in the world of EFPSA – EFPSA Day! EFPSA Day 2017 is approaching and we need your help to spread the word to other psychology students about how they can be part of the Federation and benefit from the incredible opportunities it offers!

What is EFPSA Day?

EFPSA Day is an annual Event held on the first Wednesday of December, designed to promote the Federation across Europe, through a coordinated promotional wave featuring fun interactive activities and spreading of information.

The idea behind EFPSA Day is very simple: to spread the word about the Events, Services and opportunities that EFPSA has to offer to as many European psychology students as possible. This year, EFPSA Day will take place simultaneously across Europe on Wednesday 6th December 2017!

Who can apply to be a Local Organiser?

Anyone familiar with EFPSA can volunteer to join EFPSA Day by hosting their own EFPSA Day promotional stand or activities at their university. Local Organisers will be given all the materials they may need to become a part of this movement! You can join the EFPSA Day family and be a part of the EFPSA Day wave 2017. You will need only two minutes to fill in your information here.

Local Organisers will be supported by EFPSA in several ways:

  • Official EFPSA Day materials that will be provided to Local Organisers to help them host an exciting and informative EFPSA Day;
  • After you join us as an EFPSA Day Local Organiser you will receive a complete EFPSA Day guide and we will be there for everything else you need!

Spread the EFPSA Spirit to other psychology students and help them join this journey. The deadline to fill in the form is 28th October 2017 23:59 (CEST).

World Suicide Prevention Day | Statement


On the 10th September since 2003, World Suicide Prevention Day has been organised by the International Association for Suicide Prevention. A day which aims at opening up conversations about suicide, and help those in darkness. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every 40 seconds a person dies from suicide, resulting in approximately 800,000 deaths globally each year, making suicide the second leading cause of death among 15 to 29 year-olds. In addition, 65,000 people attempt suicide each year and hundreds and thousands have suicidal ideations. Unfortunately, suicide all too often fails to be prioritised as a major public health problem.

WHO developed their first ever Mental Health Action Plan for the years 2013 to 2020 with the overall aim to enhance research on mental health in order to create a world which is more effective at preventing and in tackling mental health problems. Suicide prevention is an integral part of the plan, with the goal of reducing the rate of suicide in countries by 10% by 2020.

Whilst there is no single explanation for suicide and most suicides happen impulsively, WHO sees suicide as a result of the connection between social, psychological and cultural factors, amongst others. To begin with, the health care itself fails those that need it due to difficulties in accessing it and in receiving the care needed. Easy availability to means of suicide, inappropriate media reporting on suicide, war and disaster, stresses of acculturation discrimination, a sense of isolation, abuse, violence and conflictual relationships are all suicidal risk factors. Risk factors at the individual level are also present. Mental illnesses, problems with alcohol and drugs, unusual thoughts and behaviour or confusion about reality, unstable relationships and / or trouble with the law, impulsivity and aggression, family history of suicide attempt and / or mental disorder are all suicidal risk factors. Having attempted suicide is the greatest individual risk factor. On the other hand receiving effective mental health care, having positive connections to family and peers, belonging to a community and social institutions are said to foster resilience.

Taking certain actions such as restricting access to the means of suicide, easier access to health care services, awareness of suicide as a public health issue and promotion of mental health amongst others, can indeed prevent suicide at a global level. This is a change which requires the cooperation and collaboration between multiple sectors, and thus we need governments and policy makers that support this to make change happen.

One of the objectives behind the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) is to offer our psychological knowledge in order to make a positive and significant impact on society. As the saying goes “actions speak louder than words”, in fact, since 2013, the Social Impact Initiative team within EFPSA developed and introduced different projects: “Mind the Mind – to Combat the Stigma of Mental Disorders”, “Organised Acts of Kindness”, and “Better Together”. These successful projects have reached thousands of people across Europe; EFPSA has educated people on mental health, and contributed in creating a more understanding and acceptable society, socially aware and kinder Europe in order to prevent and create a safe place for people to talk about their emotions and mental state, and ultimately increasing wellbeing with the hope of decreasing suicide. In addition, EFPSA is also currently developing a policy on suicide prevention which will include the voice of psychological students at a European level.

On 10th September in the evening people light candles to show support for suicide prevention, to remember a loved one, and for the survivors of suicide. You, reading this position paper take a moment in silence, and keep in mind the people that suffer silently, maybe you might be one of them.

Stay! Talk! Help is out there.
(National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255)


The Call for EFPA Working Groups is open!


Dear EFPS Community,

The Board of Management are excited to announce the Call for members of the EFPSA working community to join one of the Working Groups of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA)

As an Associate Member of EFPA, EFPSA is privileged to be able to submit nominations on behalf of individuals to join one of many EFPA Working Groups that are dealing with different topics which are in the peak of interest of many psychologists and students, as well. This mandate lasts for two years, 2017-2019

You can find more information about the EFPA and the Working Groups here. If interested, please complete this application form.

Completed applications should be sent to the Secretary General, Mónica Duarte, via The deadline for applications for these positions is Thursday 19th October at 20:00 (CEST). Applications after this deadline will not be accepted. Please ensure that your application is received by this time

If you have any question about this Call, or the EFPA Working Groups, please address them to

Please note that only individuals who are part of EFPSA Working Community by holding a position in EFPSA either in the Executive Board, EFPSA Organising Committees, Task Forces or as Member Representative may apply for nomination to an EFPA Working Group.

EFPSA Call for Interns



Attention all those looking for internships!

EFPSA is pleased to announce a second internship opportunity brought forward by our very own Study & Travel Abroad Service. This Internship is in collaboration with Person Center Prague, Czech Republic a person centered approach clinic using several language to offer activities for the development of the person.

The internship will consist of Individual Therapy (if clients accept), Encounter Group, Bodywork Group, Workshops, Supervision, Marketing, Website Management, Public Information, Client and Colleague Database, Contacts to institutions and Daily Management of the rooms.


Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Duration: decided by intern
Spots: 4 interns will be selected

Requirements: Bachelor, Master, or PhD level psychology students; students who graduated within the past 2 years are also eligible; Fluent English; Interest in Person-Centered psychotherapy, interest in general management of association and participation in the team activities

Terms: The internship will be unpaid, and interns would be responsible for covering their living costs including insurance during their internship. It is recommended to apply for funding opportunities such as Erasmus + grants.

Apply today by filling in this application form and sending your CV (with photo) on, by no later than Tuesday, 20th October 2017, 23:59 CET

Feel free to contact or for any questions or queries.