About Membership

Who can become an EFPSA member?

EFPSA does not have individual membership. Members are national, local and regional psychology students’ associations of European countries/regions. However, not more than one national or regional organisation or two local organisations per country/region can hold the EFPSA member status.

How to become a member?

Organisations from all countries recognised by the Council of Europe can become members of EFPSA.

Organisations from countries/regions that are not recognised by the Council of Europe can be taken into consideration as Regional Members. To become a Regional Member, the Region has to fall within the boundaries of the member states of the Council of Europe. The Region also has to be recognised as a country by at least 50% of the governments of countries where EFPSA has members. Regional Membership is a temporary status. Change of the status can either be that the Region loses support from more than half of the countries who have members in EFPSA, or that the Council of Europe accepts the region as a country.

For more information and support please contact our Observer Coordinator at observercoordinator [at] efpsa [dot] org. We can help you with applying for EFPSA membership and by providing you with support in organising your National, Regional or Local organisation.  A document with membership guidelines is available in the Documents section, or by clicking here.

The Member Representatives

Since the EFPSA Statutes that came in effect in March 2010, we distinguish National, Local and Regional Representatives, called together Member Representatives.

The role of the Member Representatives (MRs) is very important. On one hand, they have to function as a link between their country/regions’ psychology students and the Executive Board. This means that they have to keep their students updated about EFPSA’s activities, and they have to keep EFPSA updated about their local and national activities. On the other hand, MRs build up the General Assembly, which is the decision making body of EFPSA. During the General Assembly at the annual congress, Member Representatives vote on any proposals they have been given, the financial report, the Executive Board’s activity, and elect the Board of Management for the next mandate.

In the Members page you can find information on each of our Member Representatives.