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Tilburg University

Research Master in Individual Differences and Assessment


The Research Master in Individual Differences and Assessment (IDA) of Tilburg University offers you a new perspective on a central field of knowledge in psychology and beyond: differences in the way human beings think, behave, and feel.

Individual differences predict the ability of people to finish education, function in different types of work, cope with stress and disease, relate to others etc. IDA is focused on differences in personality, motivation and intelligence, and on the impact of these differences on various aspects of life. In the Research Master these aspects and the measurement of these aspects are studied in an interdisciplinary, international, high-quality research environment.


The perspective of Individual Differences and Assessment is fundamental in social science. The IDA program is the only Dutch research master that systematically focuses on the field of individual differences. Compared to international masters that are focused on individual differences, the Tilburg master is unique with its tightly interwoven, two-year full-time curriculum that includes fundamental, applied, and statistical courses.


Alumni from the Research Master IDA have excellent career prospects. They are highly desirable candidates for scientific vacancies as PhD students (if seeking a research career), of which Tilburg University has a lot to offer. They are also desirable candidates for positions as an applied researcher of individual differences in the field of personality and health, or in the field of individual differences and work. Moreover, the Research Master is an excellent preparation for students looking for an international career.

For more information, see: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/education/masters-programmes/individual-differences-and-assessment/