A partnership between EFPSA and the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) came into effect in April 2014 and is formally outlined within a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Presidents of both EFPSA and IFMSA. The legislative bodies of each organisation have also ratified the partnership during their respective voting sessions. At the core of the partnership is a commitment to establishing a collaborative medical-psychology student event in 2015, on the theme of mental health and illness.

This partnership is a first for EFPSA – never before has the organisation had a more comprehensive, nor far-reaching agreement, with another student organisation. The EFPSA-IFMSA partnership is set to last for three years until April 2017, and involves collaboration between our organisations across several levels. Altogether, the agreements outlined within the partnership are sure to bring about great opportunities and experiences for hundreds of students over the coming few years, whilst also delivering each organisation unique possibilities for further collaboration within fields of mutual interest.

We would like to take this opportunity to openly welcome IFMSA as our partner and announce our genuine enthusiasm towards our future collaborations.


What’s involved in the partnership?

A unique Medical-Psychology Conference & Simulation

First and foremost EFPSA and IFMSA will work toward the hosting of a unique European event – a student conference on the theme of mental health & illness to be run in parallel with a simulation of the World Health Organisation General Assembly. At the heart of the event, which we envision taking place in 2015, is the notion that students from both medical and psychology backgrounds will come together at a single event to engage with contemporary issues and challenges in mental health – one of the most important issues to face healthcare providers and governments around the world.

The dual-format of the event presents unique challenges to be worked through from an organisation perspective, but carries with it incredible opportunities for discussion and engagement with the topic on a truly novel platform. Not only will participation at the event be composed of both groups of students, but students from both academic backgrounds too will constitute the event’s organising committee. Naturally, we look forward to bringing the first news from this initiative in the coming months as we get underway in preparations and planning.


Supporting the EFPSA Social Impact Initiative

Alongside this event, the collaboration extends to IFMSA providing endorsement and support to the EFPSA Social Impact Initiative – a project seeking to highlight the plight of the stigma of mental illness and advance forward-thinking and greater awareness of both stigma and mental health within society. Approaching the end of its first year, the Social Impact Initiative is gearing up to embark on an exciting portfolio of activities that has risen out of its foundation year. In light of IFMSA’s existing commitment to the field of mental health, education and advocacy in this area, it’s without doubt that the contribution of medical students to this initiative will provide great weight and direction to the course of its future activities and we are proud to have them stood alongside us as we set out on this ambitious journey.