Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting

Joint EB&MR Meeting 2015 in Romania

Joint EB&MR Meeting 2016 in Croatia


The Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives (EB&MR) Meeting is arguably EFPSA’s second most important event. During this week-long event all of EFPSA’s working teams and task forces meet in person. It is an internal meeting with no scientific programme.


What happens at the EB&MR

Usually, the event takes place towards the end of October, which is more or less the mid point of the typical EFPSA mandate. During this week, the teams can reflect on their mandate so far and plan out the rest as well as use the face-to-face meeting to work on their projects. A General Assembly is held, which is one of the essential reasons for the EB&MR to take place.



Same as other EFPSA events, the location changes every year. The Organisational Committee is challenged with a task to accommodate approximately 80 – 90 people and provide them with an appropriate working space and environment.

This year’s Joint EB&MR Meeting will be held in Croatia.