Educational and Research Partners

StudyPortals brings transparency for students to the wealth of international study opportunities. Being a spin-off from a large international student association, StudyPortals is determined to stimulate and inform students on (inter)national study choice.


Corpus Christi College University of Cambridge



Judge Business School Executive Education



Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, iDesign Research Group


Newnham College, Cambridge


Centre for Croatian Studies, Uni. of Zagreb


KU Leuven Fac. of Psy. and Educational Sciences


Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium




University of Coimbra, Portugal


Masaryk University, Dep. of Psy. Czech Republic



Ege University, Turkey



The Right to Research Coalition (R2RC) is an international alliance of student organizations, which collectively represent nearly 7 million students in over 100 countries, that work to promote Open Access to scientific and scholarly journals through advocacy and education.  Founded by students in the summer of 2009, the R2RC’s mission is to promote an open scholarly publishing system based on the belief that no student should be denied access to the articles they need because their institution cannot afford the often high cost of access.

As a member of the R2RC, EFPSA has identified Open Access as a top priority and an opportunity to create positive social impact.  EFPSA actively promotes Open Access, and Ivan Flis, editor-in-chief of EFPSA’s Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) chairs the R2RC’s Coordinating Committee for Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Web Page of R2RC: