The basic idea of the EFPSA Day is to spread the word about EFPSA and get as many Psychology students from all over Europe as possible familiar with EFPSA.

The aim of this one-day event is to spread the word about EFPSA all over Europe. Presentations, workshops and other activities connected with EFPSA are taking place on many universities on the same day!

Previous EFPSA Day promos

3rd of December 2015: EFPSA High Five!

3rd of December 2014: Find out what’s in the EFPSA Box at your local EFPSA Day.

3rd of December 2013: Follow the path of the EFPSA Frisbee , attend your local EFPSA Day event and find out more about EFPSA. This year, EFPSA Day took place all over Europe.


Even farther back…..

EFPSA Messenger!

A Messenger is an EFPSA member who travels from the country of origin to another country, and presents EFPSA from his/her perspective. It can be you!

The Messenger is a trail blazer opening the path of knowledge through Cultural Diversity. Think about how you can have the highest impact when meeting new psychology students. It can be a fun presentation, a workshop, a speech, a poster, whatever you’re good at and relates to EFPSA.