The EFPSA Congress

During one week of April, the annual EFPSA Congress fascinates and inspires around 350 psychology students from all over Europe every year. With a rich agenda of scientific contributions from students, researchers and experienced academics, as well as opportunities for cultural and social exchange, the Congress is an outstanding highlight of the EFPSA year.


What happens during an EFPSA Congress?

Just as the host country of the Congress changes each year so does its academic theme. Covering new fields of psychology each year, the content of the Congress is as varied as its participants’ origins. The Congress hosts lectures and workshops delivered by professionals and students from all over Europe. Participants can hear from experts discussing contemporary topics in psychological theory, research and practice as well as participate in practical workshops and a lively social program.

All students are also invited to contribute to the Congress and to receive feedback on their own studies and research by presenting their own research poster. In these ways, and many more the Congress offers young psychologists the opportunity to broaden their scientific and personal horizons.

A social program unlike any other runs throughout the week each day. There is of course the traditional EFPSA Cultural Evening at which every participating member of the organisation presents itself to the Congress by sharing foods, drinks, and customs from their home nation. An excursion to a local city or regions offers a break away from work and rounds off the Congress nicely as a truly unforgettable experience.


The mandate turnover

Moreover, the Congress is a very important event for the Federation as most of the Member Representative and Executive Board positions start their Mandate here. Additionally, there is a General Assembly held. To check on the history of the Congress hosts, go here.


The last Congress

Portugal hosted the most recent Congress, the 30th edition. It took place in Vimeiro, in west-central Portugal. The topic was Decoding Emotions. From Science to Practice. It was an amazing event and we would like to thank everyone involved. Now we are looking forward to the 31st EFPSA Congress in Azerbaijan and you can find more information about it here.

Below is a list of where each annual congress has taken place over the last 30 years:

EFPSA Congress History

  • 1987 Lisbon, Portugal
  • 1988 Liege, Belgium
  • 1989 Lund, Sweden
  • 1990 Lyon, France
  • 1991 Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1992 Bergen, Norway
  • 1993 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 1994 Lancaster, UK
  • 1995 Pula, Croatia
  • 1996 Jyväskylä, Finland
  • 1997 Jurmala, Latvia
  • 1998 Skofja Loka, Slovenia
  • 1999 Troia, Portugal
  • 2000 Jäneda, Estonia
  • 2001 Budapest, Hungary
  • 2002 Avanos, Turkey
  • 2003 Porto, Portugal
  • 2004 Kopaonik, Serbia & Montenegro
  • 2005 Madrid, Spain
  • 2006 Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic
  • 2007 Turku, Finland
  • 2008 Tuščiaulių village, Lithuania
  • 2009 Alteiningen, Germany
  • 2010 Barloo, The Netherlands
  • 2011 Borowice, Poland
  • 2012 Lolland, Denmark
  • 2013 Izmir, Turkey
  • 2014 Baile Felix, Romania
  • 2015 Srní, Czech Republic
  • 2016 Vimeiro, Portugal

Future Congresses:

  • 2017 Azerbaijan
  • 2018 Malta