Executive Board

The EFPSA Executive Board (EB) consists of numerous teams who maintain, develop and take responsibility for EFPSA activities. Altogether, there are over 60 permanent positions within the EB, grouped into teams, each of which works alongside their Board of Management (BM) responsible.

For more information about the function and work of the EFPSA Executive Board, click here.


EFPSA Office

EFPSA Office

Secretary General
Jolien Vandeneynde

Web Support Coordinator
Mary-Ann Kubre

Administrative Support Responsible
Louise Camilleri

Content Review Responsible
Michaela Pace 

External Relations

Reb & Monica

External Relations Coordinator
Monika Schwärzler

Policy Coordinator
Reb Xiberras

Finance Office

3. FO

Finance Officer
Ana Škeljo

Partnership Coordinator
Benedikt Ričny

Grants Coordinator
Karla Matić

Accounts Administration Coordinator
Luc Horvat

Team Member
Martin Helik

Team Member
Alexander Gruhn

Marketing Office


Marketing Officer
Maciej Kucharski

Marketing Office Coordinator
Andrea Pleša

Content Coordinator
Catherine Friend

L’udmila Vavreková

Social Media Responsible
Eleni Dimitriou

Team Members
Tiago Moderno
Tea Jermaniš

Member Representatives Office

Members Office

Member Representatives Officer
Artemis Stefani

Member & Observer Coordinator
Amra Džindo

Members Office Team Member
Gabija Kisieliūtė

Events Office


Events Events Officer
Mónica Duarte

Events Coordinator
Eva Phanvanová

Training Office


Training Office Coordinator
Astrid van der Gun

External Training Responsible
Markéta Pešoutová

National Training Responsible
Jurjen van den Berg

Internal Training Responsible
Marc Portugal

Trainers’ Community Responsible
Steve Borg


Social Impact Initiative

Social Impact Initiative Coordinator
Valerija Vidović

Development Responsible
Simona Gorjan

Project Responsible
Rebecca Hjemdahl

Team Members
Katarína Sabolová
Neva Ljuština
Marvin Kunz 

European Summer School 2016


ESS 2016 Coordinator
Katarina Veličković

Journal of European Psychology Students


JEPS Coordinator
Leonora Agan

JEPS Junior Coordinator
Lea Jakob

JEPS Team Members
Karolina Urbanska
Fabian Dablader
Laura Griffin
Martin Holst
Margaux Wienk


Study and Travel Abroad


Study & Travel Abroad Coordinator
Sander Roosen

Study Abroad Responsible
Marija Lugarić

Travel Network Responsible
Anna Štekrová

EFPSA Exchanges Responsible
Andrew Camilleri

Study & Travel Abroad Team Members
Reb Xiberras
Ivan Lepej

Immediate Past President

Immediate Past President
Ana Odabašić