Board of Management

The EFPSA Board of Management (BM) is a team of seven individuals responsible for providing oversight and support to all teams of EFPSA, maintaining the ethos of EFPSA and providing foundations for the organisation’s growth, in order to meet the needs and interests of European psychology students. Although responsible for coordinating the teams within the Executive Board (EB) and the Member Representatives (MRs), officially the BM is a team within the Executive Board.

For more information about the function and work of the EFPSA Board of Management, click here.

Board of Management 2017 – 2018

Clara Chetcuti; President

Email: president [at] efpsa [dot] org

Having graduated from my Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Malta, I am currently working within the Structured Training & Education Programme of an NGO, providing school intervention and individual sessions with children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum. I also work as a childminder, animator and a summer school teacher. When I am not working, I like to teleport myself into another reality through literature or film; or transport myself to another country and embrace a different culture. I enjoy being active by doing things such as jogging, hiking, swimming, yoga and kayaking. When it comes to psychology my interests lie in research, neuroscience, neuropsychology and educational psychology. Throughout these four years that I have been involved in EFPSA I have seen myself grow and gain various skills and experiences and knowledge of EFPSA. This mandate, I want to dedicate all my energy, skills, knowledge and awareness to taking EFPSA to another level by working with this dynamic team on various projects in order to address students’ concerns while providing them with further opportunities to develop themselves personally, scientifically and professionally through advocacy and representation.

Nicola Falzon; Vice President

Email: vicepresident [at] efpsa [dot] org

Following the achievement of a Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Malta, my country of residence, I currently work  as the Event and Service Manager at Willingness Malta, a multidisciplinary team of professionals focusing on sex, family and health. I also work as a Project Worker at YMCA Homeless Shelter, working with diverse clients presenting various difficulties relating to homelessness.  When I am not multitasking across my multiple jobs, I enjoy travelling and exploring the world as much as I can, staying active and spending time outdoors. My main interests in the field lie in Counselling Psychology, with a specific interest in sexuality, gender & queer studies and research, particularly within the LGBTIQ+ Community. I support and encourage activism and strive for social wellbeing across all societies, which is what fuels my drive to work for multiple NGOs and to take on the role of EFPSA Vice President for a second mandate while striving to push for more growth of our Services in providing opportunities for our students and for more recognition of our work in the European Sphere.

Mónica Duarte; Secretary General

Email: secretary [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Portugal and have recently finished my Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom. My thesis focused on the verbal behaviours of suspects during police interviews and I aim to work with violent and sexual offenders before starting a PhD. I am Training and Development Responsible in Projecto Transformers, a youth association which aims to promote volunteering and activism through what people like to do the most (my case is artistic roller skating and ballroom dancing). Within EFPSA, I am also Mind the Mind Local Coordinator and I recently became an EFPSA Trainer. At the moment, I am taking a gap year so then I can invest more time on self development, enjoying new experiences, travelling and fully contributing to the projects I am involved in. From previous Events Officer to current Secretary General, I realised that EFPSA has a huge growth potential. We need to give more voice to students to understand what their struggles are while pursuing their studies and careers so then EFPSA, as a European Federation, can work to address the needs of our students. This mandate, I would like to strengthen our internal and external communication while giving special attention to advocacy and students’ rights and needs.

Luc Horvat; Finance Officer

Email: finance [at] efpsa [dot] org

I live in Maribor, Slovenia, where I started doing my master’s in Psychology.  My deepest interests lie in Sports Psychology, but I am considering Organizational Psychology as well. The motto of my life is to seize every moment with positive attitude and that there is a solution for every problem. The EFPSA journey began when I took over the position of Vice MR of Slovenia in the mandate 2016-2017. In October 2016, I took on the role of Accounts Administration Coordinator within the Finance Office. After a year of experience in EFPSA I felt the need to contribute even more. As Finance Officer, my mission is dealing with EFPSA’s finances on any matter. My main goals this year are to continue the good work of getting more and more funding from grants, getting new partners for EFPSA and providing everyone inside involved with the organisation with knowledge about fundraising, sponsorships and accounting.

Tea Jermaniš; Marketing Officer

Email: marketing [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Croatia and I am currently studying for my master’s degree at the University of Rijeka in Croatia. My main interests in psychology are in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, but I find a wide range of topics in psychology interesting and fascinating. This is why my master’s degree is about general psychology. I am planning to do more research and to gain more knowledge about different fields of psychology during my master. I am also looking for different internship opportunities abroad. I’m eager to learn, not only about psychology, which is why I always wanted to be involved in different projects and organisations as an active volunteer. I believe that, as students, we get a lot of opportunities  which can lead to different experiences and gaining more knowledge. The most important thing we need is motivation. My high motivation is the reason why I got involved in EFPSA. My EFPSA journey from Team Member in Marketing office to Marketing Officer helped me develop my leadership and organisational skills. Besides that, EFPSA increased my motivation not only to be an active student, but to live fully. My goal is to provide EFPSA with strong visual identity and more promotional campaigns in order to become an even more recognisable organisation.

Erika Kajátiová; Member Representatives Officer

Email: mrofficer [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Slovakia and I am currently studying my Master’s at the University of Presov, Slovakia. My main areas of interest in psychology are in forensic and behaviour psychology although, I am also thinking of getting involved in organisational and work psychology. I have always been an active person, opened to new knowledge, experiences and ideas, plus I love travelling. Those and many more are the reasons why I took every opportunity EFPSA gave me – as a participant of the Congress, member of Organising Committee of the 2nd EFPSA Conference and Member Representative of Slovakia. I can see how much I have developed since I first came to the Congress in the Czech Republic. I have also been active in my Member Organisation and I am trying to contribute to the improvement of psychology not just in Slovakia but across all of Europe. Now, I have decided to share my knowledge and experience with the new generation as part of the Board of Management.

Andreas Anthimou; Events Officer

Email: events [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Cyprus and at the time being I am in the last year of my bachelor’s studies in psychology at the University of Cyprus. What intrigues me is neurodevelopmental and genetic disorders, hence I am aiming to focus on the clinical aspects of psychology but for the non-general population. I have been working for the past two years in this field and all I can say is that inclusion for the differently abled has been a taboo for me and for the majority of people in my country so I would really like to see some mental and social barriers being broken on that matter! I have been active in volunteering and in collaborating with various NGOs in Cyprus and in May 2017 I will also get my certificate as a Trainer regarding matters of non-formal education and personal development from a local programme at University of Cyprus called “ΜτΜ”. Since my first attendance at an EFPSA Congress three years ago I was so excited to find people so motivated and so enthusiastic about their academic lives. This inspired me to live my life with passion and love what I chose to do and even more, discover how many things I am able to do! A small hobby profile? I am a fan of outdoor activities, I love swimming, I enjoy reading and writing literature, learning new languages and motivating people who need it!