Board of Management

The EFPSA Board of Management (BM) is a team of seven individuals responsible for providing oversight and support to all teams of EFPSA, maintaining the ethos of EFPSA and providing foundations for the organisation’s growth, in order to meet the needs and interests of European psychology students. Although responsible for coordinating the teams within the Executive Board (EB) and the Member Representatives (MRs), officially the BM is a team within the Executive Board.

For more information about the function and work of the EFPSA Board of Management, click here.

Board of Management 2016 – 2017

Clara Chetcuti; President

Email: president [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Buġibba, Malta, and I am in my final year of my Bachelor’s degree, which I am studying for at the University of Malta, where I have just submitted my thesis on the topic of mindfulness amongst university students. My interests lie in cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology, positive psychology and social psychology. After having been involved in EFPSA as the Member Representative, Secretary General and being a part of various Task Forces and working groups I am enthusiastic to contribute my knowledge of EFPSA as President – a challenging position which I am honoured to hold. Throughout this mandate, I would like to work towards EFPSA’s growth and long-term sustainability, particularly in regards to finances and increased collaboration with external entities, while also developing the internal aspects of the Federation.

Nicola Falzon; Vice President

Email: vicepresident [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Malta and have just finished my final bachelor’s year at the University of Malta, where I have recently submitted my dissertation ‘University Students’ Attitudes towards Pornography’. My main interests lie in Social and Counselling Psychology, with a particular interest in sexuality, gender studies and research. I am an advocate for student activism and aim to enhance psychology students’ experience in the field, while striving for social wellbeing across all societies by increasing psychological awareness and decreasing the stigma of mental disorder. EFPSA’s work in this regard is what drew me to the federation and what drove me to form part of the mandate 2015-2016 as the Content Review Responsible and member of the Internship Task Force. As Vice President I intend to further strengthen the federation through the internal working practices while continuing to enhance EFPSA’s services.

Jolien Vandeneynde; Secretary General

Email: secretary [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Belgium and am currently studying Labour and Organisational Psychology at the Catholic University of Leuven. I am 22 years old and in my third year of Bachelor’s. My greatest interests are organisational psychology, group dynamics, leadership, and human resource management. I was already involved in my local student organisation when the MR position sparked my interest in EFPSA at the EFPSA Day in 2014. My first EFPSA experience was the 29th EFPSA Congress in Czech Republic where I became the Member Representative of Belgium. During the Joint EB&MR Meeting in Romania I realised I wanted to become more involved and started thinking about becoming a BM member. As the Secretary General I want to contribute to the growth and development of the Federation by providing its members with information and ensuring smooth communication.

Ana Škeljo; Finance Officer

Email: finance [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Croatia’s capital Zagreb, where I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. I am interested in many fields of Psychology, but I find myself constantly gravitating towards Organisational and Cross-cultural Psychology. My first EFPSA experience was the 29th Annual EFPSA Congress held in Czech Republic in 2015. From then on, I became an active EFPSA volunteer, and  held a Team Member position in the Study and Travel Abroad Team and a Senior Coordinator position in the Organising Committee of the Joint Executive Board and Member Representative Meeting (EB&MR) being held in Croatia in 2016. This mandate, I am excited to continue strengthening my active role and supporting EFPSA by ensuring its financial stability.

Maciej Kucharski; Marketing Officer OfficerOfficer

Email: marketing [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Poland and I am currently finishing my Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Wroclaw. My main areas of interest are Applied Psychology and Business Psychology (e.g. facilitating the learning process during training sessions). During my studies I tried to travel as much as possible, while also being involved in multiple activities, with the student association being the most important of them. I had become a Public Relations officer and in the previous mandate I took up the role of President of a local organisation. In addition to this, I decided to place my focus on international activities and became Senior Coordinator of Train Advanced Trainers – one of EFPSA’s trainers’ events.
The experiences I gained during my travels throughout Europe, working with other people and my achievements in coordinating events provided me with a variety of skills that will prove most useful during my time as Marketing Coordinator. I felt and still feel that this is the right place for me in EFPSA’s structure and that this position will greatly influence me in the upcoming year of our mandate.

Artemis Stefani; Member Representatives Officer

Email: mrofficer [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Cyprus and just finished my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Cyprus. I have recently submitted my thesis which centers on late-life depression in relation to executive functions. Some of my research interests lie in emotional memory, executive functions and the frontal lobes, social cognition such as the default mode network, as well as cognition in schizophrenia. I will be continuing my academic path by undertaking a Master in Cognitive Neuroscience, starting from September at UCL. Being part of my Member Organisation and further student committees in leading positions, intensified my fascination with being of service to my field and professional community and compelled me to get involved to further Organisations in a European level. As started to getting more and more involved in EFPSA curriculars as well as then becoming the Member Representative of Cyprus, I realized how much I would love to contribute to EFPSA’s mission and vision. I anticipate on a fruitful mandate, which will include big upgrades for the Federation and its community.

Mónica Duarte; Events Officer

Email: events [at] efpsa [dot] org

I am from Portugal and I am studying at Nottingham Trent University, in United Kingdom. Currently, I am finishing my Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and I am working on my thesis which is about the verbal behaviour of suspects during police interviews. My interests lie in criminal and investigative psychology and I would like to start my PhD in September 2017 to explain the reasons behind violent and sexual offenders within psychopathy crimes. I was an Administrative Team Member of the Organising Committee of the 30th EFPSA Congress which allowed me to gain a broader perspective on the logistics of organising such a huge event. Moreover, I have been involved in several projects in Portugal, particularly I was Activities Coordinator in a volunteering project. My main goal is to provide psychology students across Europe with the best opportunities for learning, networking and training. Furthermore, I believe that the skills I acquired from previous experiences together with my willingness to improve EFPSA’s events will allow me to achieve my goals within EFPSA.