Becoming Part of EFPSA


Where to begin

Are you a psychology student studying in Europe? Do you identify with EFPSAs mission, vision and values? Do you want to know how you can get involved in the federation? If so, you are in the right place!

By being part of EFPSA you will get the opportunity to form part of a community that invests in the growth and development of each individual, whilst contributing to a bigger picture collectively. EFPSA also provides you with the opportunity to maximise your potential by presenting you with various opportunities, allowing room for learning and development.

If you are keen on becoming a part of EFPSA, but are unsure of where to begin, below you will find lots of information about EFPSAs activities and information about how you can both benefit and contribute to EFPSA.

EFPSA’s Events and Services

There are many ways in which you may become involved. To begin with, you may apply to participate in one of our events. We offer psychology students the opportunity to participate in various events ranging from summer schools to congresses. Further information about each of these events can be found in the Events menu above.


When our applications our open, we release a ‘call for participants’ which we advertise on our website and Facebook page, so make sure to keep an eye on these pages for more information. Many of our MRs will also advertise these in their universities too!

Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS)

EFPSA also offers students the opportunity to gain experience in publishing their research, through submission of articles in our open access, peer-reviewed Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS). Through the process of submission, students may get the opportunity to share their research worldwide while also developing their scientific skills. JEPS is an ideal place to begin your journey into the world of publications, and you will receive feedback on your work at each stage. The JEPS bulletin is a blog where you can read all about scientific research and interviews with various professionals and academics in the field of psychology and its related disciplines.

Train the Trainers

If you have graduated from a trainers’ course such as the TtT and have delivered over 10 hours of training, you may apply to be a part of the EFPSA trainers’ pool and contribute to development of the EFPSA community.

Study and Travel Abroad

If you have experienced studying in a foreign country, then you can also contribute to EFPSA’s Study and Travel Abroad database by sending us your experience stories. You can also use the platform to find information about courses in the country/region of our member organisations. The Study and Travel Abroad service also offers students the opportunity to travel without worrying about accommodation costs while also interacting with international psychology students.

And finally, if you wish to join the working community of dedicated EFPSA volunteers then read on!

Joining the Executive Board

If you are interested in joining the EFPSA community as a member of one of our teams, there is a very wide selection of positions available within the Executive Board. Whether you are interested in developing  one of our online services, contributing to the running of the journal, becoming an EFPSA Trainer, contributing to the organisation and hosting of one of our events, or taking responsibility for entire divisions of EFPSA as a member of the Board of Management, there is definitely something for everyone within the Executive Board. You can learn more about these roles and what is involved in each position by reading the Role Description documents, available here.


The vast majority of positions operate on a one year mandate, meaning that individuals take up their position at the annual Congress for one year, and hand over to their successor at the subsequent Congress. Calls for the Board of Management and Executive Board positions are usually launched between the end of March and the beginning of April. The application process differs slightly depending on the role you are applying for, however these are always announced very clearly.

If you apply for a position within the Board of Management, you must submit an application form and up to date CV to the Immediate Past President of EFPSA before the Congress. All applications are reviewed by the Member Representatives prior to the General Assembly which takes place on the first day of the Congress. At this General Assembly, all of the applicants are formally presented and make a short presentation. The Member Representatives then vote on all the applications and the results are then announced. The successful candidates begin their work immediately – and one of their first tasks is interviewing and selecting the new Executive Board.

There are many Executive Board positions. If you want to apply for a senior position in the Executive Board, you must submit your of application form before the Congress. However, all other Executive Board positions may be applied for during the Congress itself, with the deadline for applications typically on the second day of the event. This is particularly useful, as you have an opportunity to discuss the position with the member of the current team. While none of these applicants make presentations at the General Assembly, the newly elected Board of Management interview all applicants on an individual basis. The Board of Management then select the Seniors of each team. Finally, the Board of Management (BM) responsible and Senior then select the members for each team. The decisions of these interviews are announced the next morning – which is an exciting moment that marks the introduction of a complete Executive Board for that mandate.

Representation of national student associations at a European level

If you are an active student within your national psychology student association or if you wish to be, becoming a Member Representative may be the perfect role for you! The Member Representatives are the decision making body of EFPSA and are nominated to their role within their own associations. If you are interested in becoming a Member Representative, then you can contact your Member Organisation using the contact information available from the EFPSA Members page.

Naturally, all members of EFPSA perform very different tasks. If after reading the respective pages and role description documents you are left with questions unanswered or any queries please do not hesitate to contact us using the information available here.